Bistro Bourgogne (ビストロ ブルゴーニュ)

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Argh very ugly photos because of the yellow lighting~
Oysters are raw but slightly warm.
Carrot mousse and uni with consomme jelly.
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コック・オ・ヴァン(鶏もも肉の赤ワイン煮込み) ブルゴーニュ風。
Smoked duck breast, foie gras and satoimo(taro potato) terrine.
Coq au vin: chicken thigh simmered in red wine sauce.
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豚のロティー と豚の煮込み。
オレンジのクレームブリュレ 胡椒風味のクレームグラッセ。
Pork Roti and pork stewed in tomato.
Orange creme brulee with pepper ice-cream. Pepper ice-cream really has lots of pepper…interesting.

Dinner course is about 3900yen. Food is mediocre. Would be acceptable if it were 1000yen cheaper.
Bistro Bourgogne

4 thoughts on “Bistro Bourgogne (ビストロ ブルゴーニュ)

  1. Try to imagine carrot flavor with uni..^^;;
    Those yellow photos can be fixed with photoshop and the likes, I always had photos like that in dimly lit place and attempt not to use flash. the ingredients seems pretty premium stuffs (oyster, uni, foie gras) hence the price, it’s a little unforgivable when working with ingredients like that yet not impressive tasting…

  2. I don’t have photoshop….^^;;;; Actually other than the software that comes with my camera, I don’t have any image editor!

    This restaurant doesn’t have good reputation actually. The oyster is quite fresh, but serving raw oyster warm enhances its fishy odor which is not so pleasant…

    btw, my camera broke on me and the repair fee is too expensive that I ended up having to buy a new camera…I thought camera lasts forever nowadays?!! How come mine broke in two years?! Because I’ve been using it everyday??

  3. Oh no….maybe too much ‘steamed’ or oil splat hit your camera while taking food picture that it worn out faster? Mine’s pretty beat up and full of food stained…but it seems to still work fine except the camera lens covers always won’t open when I press the button. What new camera did you get?

  4. For food stains and dust, you can just get those cleansing liquid and paper for camera lens lor. I just got the same brand as my old one so that the functions will be similar: here.

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