Restaurant JOEL (ジョエル)

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フォアグラとレンズ豆のムース ポルト酒を煮詰めたソース添え。
ガレット ド クラプ(身と味噌のムース&殻と味噌のスープ)。
Lunch course consisting of 2 appetizers, main dish and dessert is 4200yen.
Foie gras and lentil mousse, with port wine sauce.
Crab galette(crab meat and crab miso mousse + crab shell and crab miso soup).
These two appetizers are absolutely amazing!! I want to eat them again~
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Lamb with black olive and Thyme sauce. Tender meat, tasty sauce.
My friend’s dessert plate. Gateau chocolat, pudding and tarte tartan.
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Another friend’s strawberry gratin with strawberry sorbet and pistachio biscuit. This is very good.
I had the warm kinkan(small orange) pie with vanilla ice-cream.

I have been here before(see tag). To tell the truth, last time I wasn’t too impressed with the food I ordered except the dessert. However, my friends who ordered different appetizers and main dishes, gave me a bite of each to try and they all tasted good. So perhaps it really depends on your choice of the menu.

I decided to give it another try before the restaurant closed down and moved to Midtown(The restaurant will change its name to “cuisine francaise JJ”. The chef and the staff will not change but the price probably will).

To avoid getting the wrong thing again(especially I was bringing a friend from overseas visiting Tokyo for a few days…), I did my homework – checking food blogs, asking friends who have eaten there recently. The menu shouldn’t change so much within the week and whola, there they are, the two appetizers that my friends highly recommended and I was dying to try. They don’t disappoint! I only regret that it wasn’t dinner as dinner course is twice the price of lunch, but the portion is double! I can eat 5 portions of that crab galette~~

The manager remembered me from my last visit, he even remembered what I had ordered last time! I wanted to try the new dessert this time and asked my friend to give me a little bit of her gateau chocolat cos I really liked it. The manger heard that and immediately gave me a whole piece for free….yes!! ^^;; Upon leaving the restaurant, the manager said, “See you in Roppongi!!” so I guess there will be a 3rd visit…

4 thoughts on “Restaurant JOEL (ジョエル)

  1. Haha what did you do to make your visit so memorable? It’s great though, as you were getting special service 😀 The desserts look impressive as usual!

  2. We were the only customers that night and we did make a lot noise and ask him a lot of questions…^^;;
    Yeah the desserts are always nice. I wonder if I am being too paranoid to worry about diabetes…

  3. Haha that’s awesome, the waiter was so sure he got you hook as a returning customer.
    Diabetes…haha it’s not really cause by consuming too much sweets is it…?

  4. Recently I have been to a couple of French restaurants which, after the main meal, will serve you a pre-dessert, a main dessert, and then bring a dessert wagon full of cut cakes and sweets to let you choose as many as you like…it is really scary.

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