Warasou 和楽惣

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豆腐。 メジマグロと鯛。
6000yen dinner course(the cheapest course in the menu).
Homemade tofu. Meji-maguro and tai(bream).
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サバ、胡麻和え。 揚げ茄子とそぼろとチンゲン菜。
Mackerel with sesame seed.
Fried aubergine and minced meat.
060130 080060130 082
Shirako chawanmushi(mochi and seaweed in it).
Simmered sparerib.
060130 085060130 090
Grilled sawara fish with salt.
Chicken tataki(seared).
060130 091060130 094
Fried anago. Nikujaga and curry rice.
060130 060060130 099
Some of the dishes are very much the common souzai(惣菜) – Japanese side dishes that you eat with rice. Indeed I craved rice desperately, especially when having the aubergine and the sparerib cos they had strong taste. Overall the food is great. Love the chawanmushi. A lot of meat for a Japanese course.

The waitress didn’t know anything whatever we asked her about the menu. The waiter did seem to know but wasn’t quite eager to tell us much. They charged us 2000yen more than they should have…lucky my friend noticed it. No apologies from the staff about the mistake whatsoever. Have to conclude that the service is spotty at best. Shame though cos the food is good…

6 thoughts on “Warasou 和楽惣

  1. Chawanmushi with mochi inside…sounds yum!!! Though you’d think a rather expensive restaurant would have less clueless staffs.

  2. Is there sauce or seasoning for the tofu? or you just eat it plain?

    I cooked Chawanmushi last night~~ Taste good too! 😀

    Interesting combination of dishes for a course, esp. with the curry rice!

  3. For the tofu, there was only wasabi. I guess you can add soy sauce but we didn’t. Usually when the tofu is handmade and fresh, people here like to eat it plain without any seasoning~

    What, you made chawanmushi? What did you put in it?

  4. Just shitake mushroom as that’s all I have. But I add all the ingredients for the egg (ex: dashi, sake, sugar, soysauce and salt). It’s a bit over-cooked, not enough “juice”. But taste is still pretty good!

  5. I’ve been eating lots of tofu at night on weekdays, so I wonder what else I can eat them with. I usually make sweet miso sauce. may be I’ll get some wasabi and try it!

  6. Don’t know if you can buy it in LA, but this tofu(here and here) are very good! The tofu taste is so rich and has a natural sweetness that you don’t want to add anything at all. It is sold in supermarket here so maybe you can find it in Japanese stores there?

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