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Le Petit Mec(ル・プチメック)
Breakfast in a cute bakery cafe.
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Right pic is mine…a sandwich and two tarts. ^^;;

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大原三千院(Ohara Sanzenin)
Ohara is a bit far and we went there by car.
070310 020
Creepy but I just love it!!
So cute~~

070310 030
Also in Ohara.
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You can hear some “ding ding” water sound from the holes on the wood.
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070310 046
京・上賀茂 萬川(Mankawa)
Menu here.
1890yen lunch course.
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Sakura sake. Obanzai(Kyoto daily family dishes).
070310 055070310 058
Mizuna salad. White miso soybean milk.
070310 061070310 066
Bamboo shoot dengaku(spread with miso and grilled).
Simmered herb pork and Kyoto vegetables in ankake(starchy sauce).
070310 071070310 068
15-grain rice with yuba ankake.
For a lunch less than 2000yen, the standard is very high. Kyoto food with a modern touch. Very handy if you are short of cash….

070310 089070310 073
一乗寺中谷(Ichijouji Nakatani)
Menu: 1, 2, 3.
070310 079
Today’s parfait. Ice-cream is sakura flavour, so nice!!
070310 076070310 075
Nakatani parfait. Green tea tiramisu.

京都花灯路(Kyoto Hanatouro)
“Light-up” event in March. Pretty nice but not as big-scale as I had expected. It was raining but still very crowded~.
070310 099070310 094

070310 101070310 104
Dinner. Menu: 1, 2.
Simmered Iidako(octopus). Very soft!
070310 103070310 106
焼き茄子のゴマだれ。 野菜あんかけ。
Grilled aubergine in sesame sauce. Vegetables in ankake(starchy sauce). The Japanese starchy sauce is not oily and completely drinkable, unlike the chinese kind. Apparently it is very common Kyoto cooking style in winter because the thick starch sauce keeps the food warm.
070310 108070310 111
Duck manju.
070310 113070310 115
This place is famous for its kamameshi(From Wikipedia: a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot with various kinds of meat, seafood, and vegetables). This one has prawn, chicken, bamboo shoot and other stuff.
070310 118070310 122
Kamameshi with anago.
All the food are very good. Traditional Kyoto winter food that really warms you up. We only had tea and no alcohol with the meal and it was 10,000yen for 3 people.

4 thoughts on “KYOTO DAY 2

  1. Many dishes look heart-warming and nice *hearts*

    You don’t know how much I want a bite of that green tea tiramisu! Looks so soft, so pretty~

    Haha those faces in dirt are hilarious. All the places you went to seem quite relaxing!

  2. It was mainly a eating trip so we spent a lot of time inside restaurants. ^^;; Temples and gardens are calming…even though we were kinda in a rush(between meals ^^;;).

  3. Ohara looks absolutely stunning! The head statue buried on ground – so cinematic!

    White miso soybean milk – interesting! It’s salty right? A milk drink or soup? ^^;; Is kamameshi kinda like “Pot Chai Rice”?

  4. White miso soybean milk is salty but also slightly sweet. It is more milk drink than soup. ^^;;
    Yeah haha, Kamameshi is a bit like Pot Chai Rice, but pot chai rice has stronger fragrance~

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