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イノダコーヒー本店(INODA COFFEE)
Breakfast. A massive queue outside the shop! Most of them carrying Kyoto guidebooks….just like me. ^^;;; Beef cutlet sandwich and Premium coffee. Very good but…quite expensive!!!!

北野天満宮(Kitano Tenmangu)
My camera was breaking down so some of the photos are from my friend’s camera, like this one. So pretty.
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豆餅。 桜餅。
Famous “mame-mochi”, same as daifuku studded with whole beans. Also got sakura-mochi.

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八坂の塔・法観寺(Yasaka Pagoda – Houkanji Temple)
Not sure if the two maiko are the real thing, since nowadays “maiko taiken” or “maiko henshin” is popular.
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二年坂・三年坂(Ninenzaka – Sannenzaka)

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Lunch course 5250yen.
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Wasabi leaf, iidako(octupus) with vinegar and miso, fukinoto tempura, kidney beans.
Bream and bamboo shoot suimono(clear soup).
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Bream, flatfish.
Squid, yellowtail.
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Mackerel sushi, maguro sushi.
Ebiimo manju with kakuni inside.
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Grilled yellowtail with miso, fried potato and fried konbu.
Rice cooked with fuki. Pickles.
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For dessert, you can order as many as you want.
Strawberry yogurt parfait. Has yogurt ice-cream, strawberry, coconut pudding, jelly and rice(!) in it. Very good.
Walnut mille-feuille.
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Daifuku made with hattaiko(flour of roasted barley).
Shiruko with green tea shiratama.
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Matcha ice-cream.
Overall the food is very good. The saba(mackerel) sushi is absolutely amazing. Though the main dish(grilled fish) is a bit dry…There were two types of fish for you to choose as the main. I chose the one that is normally more fatty and my friend picked the other. Turned out that my friend’s choice was fish cheek, which we weren’t told – the cheek of a skinny fish will be more juicy than the body part of a fat fish. ^^;;;; Anyway, the main chef only appeared from time to time. Most of the stuff was cooked by the two young apprentices…

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Got a Mackerel sushi to eat on the shinkansen. Unfortunately I bought from the WRONG shop!! My friend recommended this shop. Argh next time! ^^;;

Very short but a great trip~

7 thoughts on “KYOTO DAY 3

  1. My gosh, drooled so much while reading this entry ^^;;; Were the streets crowded with tourists who came to see sakura blossom? A lot of the dishes/desserts you took picture of look so delicate, thanks for the “treat” yo 🙂

  2. まさに美食旅行でしたね~
    京都、行きたいーー!! 551の豚まんも食べたい!

  3. 湯さん>

    Oh I went in early March, so it was plum flowers(ume) in full blossom not sakura(actually sakura season is now in Kyoto, so probably very crowded with tourists now). Washoku is so delicate and pretty, and very healthy! Believe or not, I ate like a pig in Kyoto but I didn’t gain weight! The magic of washoku~. If the trip was to France, I am sure I would have gained 5 kg in 3 days.

  4. きれいですね!(both the sights & the food!)

    ps. did you ever blog about the french place you brought me to? i dun remember seeing it…

  5. That must be some very very famous cutlet sandwich (mentioned in guidebook?), so $$$!

    I would never imagine you’d have touristy pictures of Maiko/Geisha/Sakura/temple one day…^^;; but they looked great! Food is about culture & history~

    That lunch course is amazing~ *_* “Order as much as you want’ desssert means…no extra charge? That’s so good!

    Oh no the camera that broke down…is your new one?

  6. My old camera completely broke after my Kyoto trip. My new one is fine~.

    The coffee shop’s menu is not cheap. The most famous item is the breakfast set with egg and ham and salad and croissant…but the sandwich sounded more tempting even though it was so NOT right for breakfast – I was still full at lunch!! ^^;;

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