The Crescent (クレッセント)

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An old French restaurant which has been around for ages. The “cheapest” lunch course was 8000yen. (N.B. This place has stopped doing lunch now)
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Foie gras mousse. Rich-tasting.
Bread is warm and so delicious that I had three.
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Lobster salad. Very fresh lobster.
Turnip soup.
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アンコウのポワレ パルサミックのグラッサージュ。
Pan-fried Anko(angler fish) with balsamico vinegar sauce.
Warm chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream. Warm chocolate sauce at the centre.
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Petit fours. The sugar-coated little tomatoes are very nice. Madeleine are warmed.
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A cute box for us to take home the little sweets that we couldn’t finish. So cute!
Overall the food is not bad, but you basically get your money’s worth from the classic interior and nice atmosphere.
The Crescent

4 thoughts on “The Crescent (クレッセント)

  1. Haha this place seems to epitomize the regal, beautiful & elegant FRENCH stereotypical Japanese has. The sweets are oldschool and classic feel too (not the fancy mousse cake from the 90s French boom). The lobster salad looks good. But yeah other than that, the menu seems a little too ‘classic’.

  2. Decades ago when French restaurants were not common at all, this place must have been popular? Nowadays you can get pretty cheap and good quality French food easily, it is amazing that this place still survive!

  3. There must be loyal older crowds prefer these old classics restaurants they started going since back in the days. Man those red curtains…^^;;

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