La butte boisée (ラビュット・ボワゼ@奥沢)

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Like visiting someone’s house! Located in a residential area, about 10 minutes walk from the station if you don’t get lost, which you probably will…
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Lovely waiting room. We got a table next to the window with a garden view. Too bad it was raining but still very pretty.
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Rillette: Onion and radish, mustard, duck, Ricotta cheese.
Bread: Kumazasa(herb) roll, rice bran baguette, seaweed bread etc.
Very fancy but not that tasty…
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フランス産ホワイトアスパラとイイダコのコンフィと本マテ貝のマリネ ベーコンと木の実のヴィネグレット。
氷見の寒ブリのグリエ フキノトウのキャラメリゼ仕立て エシャロットのシェリービネガーのソース。
White asparagus, Iidako(octopus) confit, hon-mategai(clam) in marinade, bacon and nuts in vinaigrette. We were told to lift the plastic tube thing and mix the food. The sauce around the plate is pumpkin. Kurogome(black rice) risotto in the middle, and some fried sakura prawn here and there. A bit Japanese feel.
Grilled kan-buri(winter yellowtail), fuki-no-tou caramélisée, eshallot in sherry vinegar sauce. This is 99% Japanese…I couldn’t stop thinking about rice and chopsticks while I ate it.
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ノルウェー産仔羊の背肉のブリック包み ベニエ仕立て野生の野菜 スピラル風。
Lamb chop, lamb meat wrapped Pate Brick and vegetables. The famous spiral plate! But I never expected that it would be used to serve the main dish…very difficult to eat with fork and knife! Taste-wise, it is 99% chinese. Even the sauce tastes like oyster sauce…what the hell…give me some rice!!
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060220 095フランボワーズとマンゴーと洋梨のパズル風 青リンゴ仕立て。
Framboise(mousse) and mango(mousse) and pear(ice-cream), puzzle style. This is the dessert for a 5900yen lunch course? You’ve got to be kidding me…

The nicest thing in the whole course is the fresh herb tea, which is an extra 350yen. My impression was that: go for the lovely environment and the arty presentation but don’t go for the food or service. Though some of my eating buddies said that they had very nice food(not nouvelle/chinois/japon whatever but proper French food) when they went. So maybe I was just unlucky…
La butte boisée

4 thoughts on “La butte boisée (ラビュット・ボワゼ@奥沢)

  1. Pity the food were bland (and of a totally different cuisine ;-P), because the place DOES look incredibly cute! Haha I know the desserts were way too generic for an expensive lunch course, but I dig the puzzle shape heh!

  2. The presentation is definitely impressive~. The plates with flowery patterns are so pretty too. Would be a great place to bring friends who don’t really like French and prefer oriental taste~. ^^;;

  3. But but but…the puzzles are so cute! (kid’s menu dessert!? ^^;;) The house and garden are THE treat as it seems, very beautiful! Chinois, japon…haha~~ (something very LA about that), even the main course photos, they looked like could be pictures from some chichi cal-french/whatever fusion restaurant in LA.

  4. Yeah…does look like Californian cuisine…I wouldn’t mind so much if it were oriental AND delicious though…

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