Manju Cafe Mugimaru2 (マンヂウカフェ ムギマル2)

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A cafe specialised in manju.
Red bean paste and cheese in a wild grass(yomogi) manju.
Red bean paste and cinnamon in a Earl Grey tea flavoured manju.
The manju are freshly made and come steaming hot and have very soft skin. The chai is strong and rich.
Menu: 1, 2.
I sat on the second floor which has very cute decor. Looks like this cafe is converted from a house. The manju are steamed on the first floor. I didn’t know I had to take off my shoes before climbing the steep stairs and was told off by the staff….I saw some slippers there and wore them without thinking, and was told off again because the slippers are only for the bathroom…^^;; Wish there were signs or something.
Manju Cafe Mugimaru2

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  1. Those looked like icecream scoop from the thumbnail picture ^^;; And all that fuss aobout no shoe for…manju (street side confection)!

  2. JAAの機内誌にココ出てました!

  3. お帰り!

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