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4800yen lunch includes two appetizers(many choices), main dish and dessert.
Rose champagne 1700yen, glass wine 1250yen~.
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ブーダン ノワール。
スペシャリテ 人参のムースとコンソメジュレ ウニ添え。
Amuse-bouche: Boudin noir(pork blood sausage). So good!
Specialty: Carrot mousse and consomme jelly with sea urchin.
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Butter rice rolled in Unagi. The unagi is grilled crispy on the outside.
Pig foot rolled with chicken mousse and mushroom and simmered in port wine.
Somehow I ordered an appetizer and a main that look the same and taste similar….^^;; But both are delicious.
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Wagon dessert. White chocolate mousse.

The appetizers and the main dish are all very good. Though the white chocolate mousse is actually better than the desserts which are pretty normal. The service is not so friendly. In fact we were all a bit annoyed at some point. Well go for the food but not for the service.
Lunch menu(J) here.

2 thoughts on “Le Manoir D’HASTINGS

  1. AHH i have yet to try how french made pig blood. The jelly looks so good! So strange to see unagi served in non-Japanese way.

  2. Make sure you try the pig blood sausage that is served warm, otherwise it might not be as good~

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