L’Embellir (ランベリー)


Nice entrance~.
4410yen lunch course with 2 appetizers, main dish and dessert. The bread is quite big size but it is just so good that I had THREE!!
Galantine with rabbit meat rolled in aubergine. This kind of meat appetizer is the chef’s specialty apparently. Very good!
ホロホロ鳥と大山地鶏をミンチ状にして二層に。胡椒とポートワインのソース 。
Oyster and foie gras gratin. Absolutely delicious!!
Guinea fowl and chicken are minced and made into two layers. Sauce is pepper and port wine. As my friend put it: a high-class chicken hamburger(^^;;). Very good though. Sauce is rich and delicious. Great with wine.
Creme brulee with banana crepe and chocolate slice(nice chocolate smell, probably freshly made?) and ice-cream.
And one petit four plate for each person!
Coffee refill OK. And a small glass of vinegar at the end to clear your taste. Finger cakes for everyone to take home too.

Service can be a bit robotic with no smiles. But the food is great and the value is good(drinks are reasonable too). Definitely want to go back!
Cool menu plates: left half, right half. A bit difficult to read though.

4 thoughts on “L’Embellir (ランベリー)

  1. Transparent menu….^^;; The entrance is so designed~~ seems a little pretentious. Are the rabbit meat in the galantine raw? Looks good anyway~ High class chicken hamburg steak haha~

  2. Should be raw and salt-cured??
    Interior is very modern with light tubes hanging down from the high ceiling….should have taken a photo of that~.

  3. Before click-in to see bigger version of that pix with the bread and plate, I thought it

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