Pie ou Face (ピル ウ ファス) CLOSED

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ペペロナータ パルマの生ハム添え。
Bell pepper and ham.
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クレームカラメル プラムの赤ワイン煮添え。
Grilled herb pork with oriental sauce and braised carrot.
Creme caramel with plum cooked in red wine.
Lunch course is 1890yen.

The food tastes very fresh. The pork has a nice herbal fragrance and very tender. The sauce is sweet and delicious. A madam and a young woman are cooking inside the kitchen and an old gentleman is serving diligently. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. A place to take it slow and easy – food comes slow so probably not the right place if you are in a hurry. They run cooking classes once a week apparently.
Lunch menu(J) here.

5 thoughts on “Pie ou Face (ピル ウ ファス) CLOSED

  1. Wow this place looks so European picture-book and charming. The plum addition added so much to the custard. Actually custard is my secret obsession, but dunno why I craved it all the time that I had to resort to buy market ones.

  2. I know…it should be easy…
    It’s more like I’m obsess with eggs…^^;;

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