Le jeu de l’assiette (ル・ジュー・ドゥ・ラシエット)

The toy-like(^^;;;) chandelier is from Venice apparently.
Cute glass beads on the table. We pretended to play chess with them…
Deco Boco(citrus fruit) sorbet with champagne poured on top. Yum! But later found out that this little cocktail costs 1500yen.
アスパラガスの冷製 クルヴェットグリーズのジュレを添えて。
食感の違う葉野菜のミルフィーユ ホッキ貝とそのヴィネグレット。
Asparagus with jelly and sauce made from small prawn. This is very delicious!
Mille-feuille of vegetables, hokkigai(surf clam) and vinaigrette. Mille-feuille…is just a few slices of vegetables placed on top of each other. Tasty though. The clams are sweet.
スズキのポワレ 豚の背脂風味 人参ソース。
シャラン産鴨もも肉のソテー 白と赤のソース。
Sea bass with “pork back fat” and carrot sauce. The “pork back fat” is the thin slice on top of the fish. It is not oily at all and goes well with the fish. The carrot sauce is very good too.
Duck thigh saute, white and red sauce. Red sauce is beet, white sauce is onion. Somehow the way the duck is cooked reminds me of Cantonese grilled duck…I was not the only one craving rice, my friend said the duck should be served on a donburi. ^^;; Nice dish that goes with wine though.

Strawberry risotto. Strangely nostalgic…
“Awakening of Inca”(just potato ^^;;) milk crepe and olive oil ice-cream – it really tastes like olive oil!
The desserts are so interesting…

Lunch course we had was 5500yen. Service charge is 10%. Everything in the pictures are included for one person.

This restaurant is fairly new but the servers are veterans from other famous restaurants apparently, and they are indeed very good – helpful, funny, smiling the whole time.
Menu: 1, 2, 3.
Le jeu de l’assiette

2 thoughts on “Le jeu de l’assiette (ル・ジュー・ドゥ・ラシエット)

  1. nursery room chandelier…=O=;;;
    The menu seems very ‘creative’, seems to create by a fresh idea young chef who’s not afraid of mixing high and low (ie: carrot sauce) and no tie to any region style nor traditional cooking.
    Asparagus is made ‘gourmet’ by those jelly and soup (looks good!) But the so-called veggie Mille-feuille looks very ‘won-bun’! The duck does look ‘siu-duck’ feel…
    Srawberry risotto..hmm…nostalgic because it looks kinda like “Bubur cha-cha” (HK called it mon-cha-cha or someting?)

  2. I have no idea what mon-cha-cha is….^^;;;;; I think the mix of condensed milk and rice(usually sticky rice or “west rice”) makes it nostalgic…like those “west rice pudding” with mango in dim-sum places~

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