Restaurant Le Bourguignon (ル・ブルギニオン)

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Amuse bouche: cream puff with pork rillette inside.
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Boudin Noir(pork blood sausage) terrine with apple salad. Served warm, goes so well with the sweet apple sauce. Delicious!
Pan-fried Ainame(Greenling) in chicken clear soup. Not much impression.
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Pork feet, pork tongue and beef tripe are first simmered, let cooled and hardened, then grilled until crispy on the outside. Very good.
Satsuma-imo(Japanese sweet potato) Mont Blanc. There is rice inside. Apart from the rice bit, it is pretty normal. Nice though. My friend ordered bell pepper mousse which is much more interesting but “doesn’t feel like dessert” apparently.

Lunch is 4500yen. Food is great, the interior makes you feel like you are in French countryside. Perhaps a little too quiet inside and the waiters are a little stiff-backed.
More pic from outside.
Le Bourguignon

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Le Bourguignon (ル・ブルギニオン)

  1. Not so funny episode…
    Last time I came to this place for a dinner appointment with a friend. I arrived first and went in by myself. The staff said there was no reservation taken under the name I said. Confused and utterly embarassed, I called my friend(my mobile phone’s battery running out at the most perfect timing that I needed to call from a public phone) and found out that the dinner booking was for this place…I had to take a cab and was late for a good part of an hour. So beware. (Probably no one is as stupid as me…)

  2. haha the ‘length’ of these two restaurants names are quite drastic, you probably only take note of the ‘Bourgo-something’ part. ^^;;; The veggie and sauce in that pork feet/tongue dish looks almost chinese!

    Oh I finally tried Boudin Noir~ in a diner though..err…^^;;

  3. Yes, the shortened name of the two restaurants in Japanese is different by a “le” only. ^^;;

    Wow you can tell?! I thought the main dish both looked and tasted really chinese, but refrained from writing about it. ^^;;

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