Les Créations de NARISAWA

4725yen lunch course.
Amuse-bouche: A little pie with pate, kinkan(kumquat orange), pinenut and nanohana.
Bread is good.
春野菜とフォワグラのロワイヤル、鴨のコンソメ仕立て 。
Sakura-masu(like salmon) carpaccio and garden vegetables.
Spring vegetables and foie gras royale(mousse), with duck consomme.
岩手県産・白金豚のポワレ、アサリの菜の花の マリニエール。
Platinum pork and spring vegetables.
Pre-dessert: tiramisu. There are bits of sweetened ginger inside.
Dessert: Strawberry and almond parfait.
After the main dessert, there is still the “wagon dessert”.
I asked for a bit of almost everything…
Savarin is rich in alcohol and has moist texture, very good. Also like the mont blanc.
Vegetables are very very delicious in this place. In general very healthy and delicate taste. The kind of French that doesn’t make you crave wine. Amongst the 3-course dessert, my favourite is the tiramisu. Value is good for lunch, though dinner seems very expensive. Saturday lunches get booked up very quickly(Sunday not opened). Say if you want to book a Sat lunch in May, you need to phone on the 1st April at 10am.
Menu: 1, 2. There is one more expensive lunch course that I forgot to take.

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  1. The veggie soup looks plain if not read carefully of what’s in it. Tiramisu with ginger sounds great~ It’s just amazing how much desserts you get ^^;;

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