Anniversary (アニバーサリー)



A cake shop that does wedding cakes. We had the strawberry roll cake(apparently not made into a bear face on purpose ^^;;), short cake, and rare cheese cake. Old-fashioned neighbourhood cake shop kinda taste. Nice and comforting though. Also got the Marron chocolate which is a big non-sweetened marron with chocolate coating.

7 thoughts on “Anniversary (アニバーサリー)

  1. Haha the bear face is so cute! I’m surprise you get strawberry roll cake and short cake which are kinda “plain”! ^^;;
    Usually wedding cakes are kinda “ehh.”

  2. How come it’s all pastries and cakes posts? ^^;;; Ah before I read what you wrote I was so convinced that’s a deliberate bear face (you know like those Japanese traditional candy where they make a face in a roll and chop into slice and there’d be a picture in each one).

  3. Joan>
    I took you here before. Do you remember?? The cakes there are all plain and simple. ^^;;

    The cakes in the recent entries were consumed in the span of a few months yo…
    The staff didn’t even notice the bear face until we asked her…err…^^;;;

  4. ohhh my memory got mixed up! I thought the interior looks familiar, but I thought “nah the place I remember isn’t in Japan…was at US somewhere?” haha! But I don’t remember what I got…

  5. Oh haha, I don’t remember what we got either…but since this place is a little hard to find for the first time so I remember we were wandering around and getting lost. ^^;;;

  6. Haha very impressed with the accidental bear face! I like the small garden view, seems quite relaxing 🙂

  7. I know! The bear even has eyebrows! ^^;; This place is at the basement and they manage to have a garden! Amazing~

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