CICADA (シカダ)



モロッコ風クラブケーキ。 カラマリロースト、プロシュートと香草パン粉詰。
Spicy moroccan crab cakes. Roasted Calamari stuffed with prosciutto.
ラムタジン。 魚介のタジン。
Lamb tagine with cous-cous. Seafood tagine with cous-cous.
ピスタチオクレームブリュレ。 ヴァローナチョコレートケーキと生チョコレートジェラート。
Super-rich and warm Valrhona 70% cocoa chocolate cake with chocolate gelato. Pistachio crème brulee.

I read a review here and got curious about this place. It looked very foreigner-oriented, having a couple of sister restaurants offering American food like hamburger so I wasn’t so sure. But I was pleasantly surprised that the food was great! Supposed to be Mediterranean cuisine: Greek, Moroccan, Portuguese, Italian etc. 2800yen lunch course includes appetizer, main dish, dessert and coffee, with tax included and no service charge for lunch, even on weekends. All the stuff we ordered were delicious – every dish of them! The portion is huge. I have never seen a creme brulee that big in a Japanese restaurant, and it is not just big but delicious and rich with pistachio flavour. The waiter came to recommend us olive oil with the bread, and he didn’t say anything about additional charge for the olive oil, fortunately I had read the review…^^;; But apart from that the staff are very friendly. English-speaking staff available.

4 thoughts on “CICADA (シカダ)

  1. Hey Seat glad that you found something u like on vaou. man, with those are really nice pictures and review, you got to put them on vaou! heh. \(^.^)/

  2. Looks so big portion (really cater to foreigners haha), even the cake presentation are ‘american’ too haha
    I never considered olive oil for bread would be charged…now I think about it. I never checked the bill…there might be these little extras that must have been for the olive oil. I don’t really care what to eat with, but a friend of mine MUST have olive oil to go with her bread, so she requested that all the time…even when a place obviously don’t serve olive oil to use for dipping at all.

  3. Even the website feels westernized, somehow 🙂
    Like the bright, relaxing atmosphere.

  4. RP>
    This place is not as busy as I thought though. Look how empty on a weekend lunch time~.

    I am sure you were charged for the olive oil order. ^^;;; Sometimes in those cheaper bistro, they don’t give you olive oil or butter, and if you ask for it they will charge it on your bill~.

    Hi! I have been meaning to write something in vaou. Will do so soon! Have been busy and many food photos still unsorted and entries unwritten…

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