Fogliolina della Porta Fortuna

This popular Italian restaurant is by reservation only and offers only the chef’s course which is 15000yen(I know…). Wine course(7000yen), which I didn’t order, includes champagne and wine selected by the chef that go with the food. The restaurant is tiny and they only take 1 group of customers of no more than 4 people each time. So we had the whole place to ourselves.
Menu for food and wine.
Mainly the chef himself served us even though there were also two other staff. The chef’s explanation for each dish is impressively long and detailed. Each ingredient used, down to pepper and salt, and cooking procedures. You can really tell that the food is prepared with large amount of time and effort and attention to little details. Unfortunately I was unable to catch-up/remember/translate the stuff he said so here is the simplified menu…
Guinea fowl egg. Iberico pork tongue.
To give you a sense of its actual size…^^;;
Only two tiny bread the size of a quail egg were served throughout the whole course and you can’t ask for more. This one has rosemary in it.
Soup made from guinea fowl and leek. A slice of flatfish(hirame) and green asparagus on top.
Gnocchi and anchovy.
Guinea fowl’s thigh meat wrapped its breast meat and roasted. The main is a cold dish…
Cheese and onion(maybe…I forgot).
Dessert…can’t remember exactly but some fruit soup mixed with red wine. Very very strong alcohol taste. Two of my friends who can’t drink alcohol were having a hard time finishing it.
Chocolate with raisin in it.

I only had mineral water(2,000yen per person), plus service charge and tax, came up to 20,000yen per person(o_0). The food is not bad, though not sure if it is worth the price. The portion is tiny – each dish including the main is literally bite-size. Most dishes are too salty to eat alone. Basically the food is like wine bar menu, i.e. bite size so that it won’t fill you up so quickly, and very salty to prompt you to drink more. I guess in order to enjoy this place, ordering the wine course with the food is a must. Some of my friends who love wine are big fans of this place so…
Fogliolina della Porta Fortuna
Add: 4-8-12 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-3719-7755