Arossa Ginza (アロッサ銀座店)


アロッサ式もりもりサラダ。 玉ねぎとコーンのフリッタータ。
Salad. Onion and corn frittata.
地鶏と野菜の煮込み。 フランボワーズのグラニテ。
Chicken and vegetables stew. Raspberry granite.

The salad is for two people but it is massive. The rest are included in the lunch course for one person and the lunch is only 1050yen!! Not just being cheap, everything is delicious, including the bread(refillable). The restaurant is on the 8th floor of a shopping building in the middle of Ginza. So many reviews(1,2,3,4) had been written about this amazingly good-valued lunch. The menu is fixed but it changes everyday and also available on weekends. Also there is a 2620yen lunch which is basically the same thing except the main dish is New Zealand roasted beef(btw this place is supposed to serve Australian/NZ cuisine).
Today’s lunch menu(J) here.
Arossa Ginza
Add: 8F Ginza Velvia-kan, 2-4-6 Ginza
Tel: 03-5524-1146

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