Randy (ランディ)

Asparagus salad is drowned in too much dressing. For the 200g hamburger steak with butter sauce, the waitress warned me that “medium will be quite rare in the middle” but it turned out to be over-cooked. But the texture is great with the beef not grounded too much or with too much breadcrumb or other stuff added to it.
デミシャスハンバーグ、¥870。 温泉玉子、¥70。
Second time I had the hamburger with demi-grace sauce. A bit too minced and mushy, and the sauce is very salty. The salad on the side is again drowned in too much salty dressing…better ask for “less dressing” next time. Also ordered a hotspring egg for 70yen.
Hamburger with mayonnaise sauce. The third time is cooked just right. Solid beefy texture and pink in the middle. A bit too much mayonnaise sauce though…the chef seems to love his sauces and dressings. Rice and soup are refillable.
Choices of sauce for the hamburger(J) here.

4 thoughts on “Randy (ランディ)

  1. You keep giving this place second and third chance even if their specialized hamburg steak didn’t really wow you. The ones on those cast iron pan looks almost…’tea restaurant’ ish. ^^;; I like hamburg steak with most simple demi glaze sauce~

  2. Comment on entries that are close (argh I’m too slow in catching up)
    Arossa Ginza
    At first glance I thought it’s British food, or American! ^^;; The Raspberry granite looks pretty~ It’s crazy the dramatic diff. in price range between chicken and NZ beef (I’m surprised you didn’t go all the way for the exp. of the NZ beef ^^;;;)

    —- The carpaccio–>looks AMAZING! You happened (?) to order all seafood for this izakaya.

    La Tida
    — Wow, seafood tempura looks like fun! A combine of healthy 0 calorie + fried fattening calories.

    Kitchen Calorie
    — hahaha! so honest!

  3. Fogliolina della Porta Fortuna
    — haha the chef seems to consistent in the ‘dot’ shape (‘dot’ rather than ‘circle’ in relation to the proportion of the plate ^^;;). The cheese and onion is def. a ?_? intermission. I’m not surprised the dessert is a choco ball~ They all look too small to really taste anything. Way way WAY overpriced, but oh well…it’s meant to be a pretentious and extravagant exp. ^^;;

    There was a ‘cheat $’ trendy wine bar boom in LA for the last 2 years…at first it was novelty but then it was just getting ridiculous ($9 roasted almond, $13 olive pate on toast). Especially in LA there’re many easily accessible gourmet market where you can buy take out or pate yourself to get a gourmet wine-bar setup yourself at home.

    Yakiniku Jambo
    — bloody raw meat does make better picture than cooked grilled (and usually burnt in my case) meat. ^^: So weird to see the omrice at the end.

  4. I realised that you can’t really expect anything wow from a lunch less than 1000yen…also seems unfair to try just one dish from lunch and judge a restaurant by that…so nowadays as long as the first experience is not ridiculously bad, I will go back a few times to try other things on the menu. Usually there will be one or two things in the menu that are good…^^;;

    KAIKAYA is an all seafood restaurant…I don’t remember seeing meat on the menu.

    For Arossa, it is so obvious you should definitely get the 1050yen lunch which has the best value! People at the next table ordered the roasted beef and they look so plain. ^^;;

    For Fogliolina, the cheese and onion dish is for people to finish off their wine before dessert. In some restaurants they will bring a wagon of cheese for you to choose after your main dish~.

    Haha, I think for wine bar, the $$$ you spend on nuts and snacks is in fact the price you pay for the environment and the atmosphere and the long hours occupying a seat. How else can they earn any money though? ^^;;;

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