Restaurant Quintessence (レストラン カンテサンス)

This is the menu we were handed. Nothing is written on it!! There is only one price for lunch(7350yen). You can tell the chef in advance what you can’t eat, while the rest is up to the chef.
Corn chimaki(Japanese word for zongzi) and corn soup. Both are sweet and very nice~ Inside the bamboo leaf looks like this. Bread is warm and is the slightly sour type.
Goat milk bavarois with fruity olive oil and yuri-ne(Lily root). Tastes like yogurt! Plain yogurt in fact cos it is neither sweet nor salty.
Grilled scallop with soba-no-mi(buckwheat seed) on top. The buckwheat seed gives the scallop a great crispy texture and nice fragrance.
Soba-no-mi risotto. Not much taste. ^^;;
Masu salmon. The sauce in front is Amanatsu and black olive and rocket(herb). The green veggy at the back is kogomi, a kind of sansai.
Main dish is simple but very very juicy pork. A galette made from lentil and “Awakening of Inca” potato. From another angle here.
Almond cake(with coconut sauce in the hole). Merengue ice-cream(very good!). Close-up here and here. Herb tea is made from fresh leaves, very nice!

I have heard so much about this place being very avant-garde and creative, so I was expecting some fancy presentation, small portion and dunno-what-you-are-eating kinda taste. But the food turned out not that weird. The pork was such a thick slice that I got really full but I had to finish it cos it was so good.

Service staff are quiet and don’t intrude too much, especially we had booked a month in advance and got to be seated in the private room, which is much more comfortable than the rather small and crowded main dining room. The chef is very young and came out to greet us while we were leaving.
Restaurant Quintessence
Add: 5-4-7 Shiroganedai, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5791-3715

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Quintessence (レストラン カンテサンス)

  1. So pretentious~ ^^;; blank ‘menu’ if you can call it that (that’s the most avant garde part perhaps?)
    I always thought goat cheese taste like yogurt too. that doesn’t look like pork at all (hence looks good! hey the other angle one is a better picture in my opinion). I think overall the course looks creative, i can’t imagine how the bamboo leaf thing taste like..etc.

  2. The other angle pic for the pork is someone else’s. ^^;;; I like the little pink flower on the pork though~. The most pretentious dish is the little cake I think…

  3. Recently, one of my friend introduced your blog, and started to look into yours, which was so impressive & helpful. All looks so nice, but the problem is our short-trip to Tokyo which allows us only 3 lunches & 2 dinners. So, if possible, we’d like to get your recommendation on the restaurants. Personally, we’d like to have 2 french, 2 italian, & 1 japanese, but you can mix them out. Thanks!

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