La Blanche (ラ・ブランシュ)



Pork rillette. Bread is nice and warm.
本日の魚料理: マナガツオのポワレ、キュウリソース。
Grilled layers of sardine and potato, with truffle flavour.
Today’s fish dish: Managatsuo(a kind of bonito) in cucumber sauce.
These two dishes are easily the tastiest thing I have had recently! The truffle fragrance is strong and appetizing. The sardine and the potato match so amazingly well. There is a bit of melting butter on top. The little cup is warm, milky and smooth potage with sardine flavour. The fish dish is juicy and fatty, grilled to perfect crispiness on the outside. The cucumber sauce is a wonder too, full of herb taste. I mopped every bit of the sauce with bread, which kept coming, and my friend simply drank the sauce to the last drop with a spoon. It was that good. The onions, cucumber and other vegetables are fresh and sweet and juicy. Simply perfect!
グランテ: 八角のシャーベット。
Anise sorbet.
Grilled duck confit pie. The duck meat inside the pie is mixed with herbs and vegetables. Quite good but not as impressive as the fish dish. The veggy on the side are delicious though.
お口直し: カルバドスのシャーベット。
Marinated beet came separately later…maybe they forgot?
Apple brandy sorbet.
Chocolate mousse and chocolate ice-cream. Super rich chocolate flavour…a bit too rich for me though.

We had the 6000yen lunch. The cheaper 3600yen lunch doesn’t include the sardine and potato appetizer which I really wanted to try. Wine is 1200yen per glass.

At first I thought the price range is a bit towards the expensive side, but the food is just fantastic and all worth it – fresh and tasty vegetables ARE expensive. The portion is generous, the service is friendly, the atmosphere is warm and homely. The chef came out to say hi at the beginning and again when we finished our food. On the day we went, most of the customers were madams and old ladies and they mostly ordered fish instead of meat. I asked the waiter if fish is the chef’s specialty and he said meat dish is just as delicious. But meat dishes like lamb chop, pork roti etc. are only included in the 7800yen lunch course.
Lunch menu(J) here.
La Blanche
Add: 2-3-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-3499-0919

5 thoughts on “La Blanche (ラ・ブランシュ)

  1. AHH the course is amazing looking! Maybe the beets do come in late to clean your mouth (1st step) after the meat dish then the sorbet (2nd cleaning)…^^;; I think getting this more expensive course for the sardine and potato appertizer is worth it (is that cream sauce dippings on the side?)

  2. This looks really good and interesting. Agree with Freda, I think the Anise and Beet sorbet is for “palette cleansing.” The duck looks sooo good!

  3. The beet didn’t come AFTER I finished the meat dish, it came WHILE I was halfway through. ^^;;; The cup behind the sardine and potato appetizer is the sardine potage soup!

    It is the only place I know serving two separate mouth cleansing sorbets….not complaining though!

  4. Maybe not then. But yeah I think if the courses are 6 and above, usually there’re 2 mouth cleaning sorbets, understandable too, as one for after the series of appertizers, so prepare you to refresh for the main course, then the 2nd mouth cleansing after the heavy duty main dish for upcoming dessert.

  5. I confess though…I don’t mind having the sweet sorbet right before the main dessert, but a sweet thing in between the savoury courses is not my thing. I still eat it of course! ^^;;

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