Apicius (アピシウス)



エスカルゴのラビオリ 野菜のフリットと共に。
Iidako(octopus) in tomato sauce.
Ravioli of escargot with vegetable frit.
フォワグラのポワレ グリーンピースのトリュフ風味煮込み添え。
仔羊のロースト 蕪のコンフィ添え ローズマリー風味。
Saute of foie gras with stewed green peas, truffle flavour.
Roasted lamb with turnip confit, rosemary flavour.
Mango mousse, cheese cake and Saint Honoré.

Had the lunch course B(5000yen), but changed the meat dish from beef steak to roasted lamb which is the main dish option of the lunch course A(8000) with an additional charge of 1000yen. Also added the foie gras(4260yen) from the a la carte menu. Four of us shared a bottle champagne and it was about 15,000yen for me. The lamb was soft and tender but had a bit too much fat. The rest was good but could be better, especially the foie gras. Even though the a la carte menu sounds so tempting and hard to resist(in fact everyone in my table changed this added that…no one stuck to the basic lunch course ^^;;), value-wise it is not so great. The environment is nice though – we stayed for like 4 hours. ^^;;
Lunch menu here.
Add: B1, 1-9-4 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3214-1361

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  1. ごぶさた♪

    結構気に入ったのかな? ^^);


  2. こんばんは~

  3. I never knew escargot are cooked this way too, so gourmet looking ^^;; Hmm you basically swap out the two the main parts of the set…haha not really the set anymore.

  4. There is a la carte menu for desserts too but I wanted to choose the cakes from the wagon, which is only included in the lunch course. That’s why I had to cling on to the lunch course. ^^;;;

  5. Hi, recently one of my freinds introduced your blog, and started to look into yours which had enormous information on fine dining in Tokyo. However, all look so nice to us, and don’t know which one for our short trip to Tokyo (2 nights 3 days). So far, we’ve decided lunch @ L’osier, and dinner @ Il Ristorante nella pergola/ tapas molecular bar @ Mandarin Oriental. Still 2 more lunches, and 1 dinner to go. Can you recommend any good restaurant in each category, french/ italian/ japanese. Thanks for your help!!!

  6. Hi Genie,

    For French, La Rochelle Minami Aoyama is one of my personal favourites recently. I have been there for lunch and dinner. Both times were great experience. There are other branches bearing the same name and the one I went to is Minami Aoyama branch. Jo

  7. Thanks for your kind tip, which was definitely helpful to plan our trip. Actually, we were thinking to have dinner on koju, but you recommended kiku-ura. So, again we’re hesitating which one to choose. Can you give one more advice? Thanks!

  8. Let me put it this way, if I have 10,000yen, I would 1)go for the 5000yen dinner at Kiku-ura twice, or 2)try the 10,000yen dinner at Suetomi, rather than going to Koju once more. ^^;;; Value is an important factor of course, but I actually like the taste of Kiku-ura and Suetomi better. I updated an entry of Yonezu, which is also very nice, but the location is a bit inconvenient and local, and I am not sure how accomodating they are to foreigners…at least in Kiku-ura they are willing to speak a little English. btw, there is this Italian restaurant called DIRITTO which I really like, but it is also a bit out of the way, especially you only have a few days in Tokyo. Taste-wise it is great though!

  9. Wow! It just made clear…We’ll definitely try Kiku-ura. For us, food is the 1st priority, of course on value base, rather than ambience or service. And, we’re willing to go to somewhat deserted place, if quality food is guaranteed. I’ll study further your blog, and if I come up with any questions, I’ll let you know. Thank you so much for your kind help, and if there is any chance to help you out, it will be great. For your reference, we’re living in Seoul. If you plan out to Seoul, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  10. Oh I must emphasize that the restaurants that are good for me might not be good for you. I am not saying Koju is not as good as Kiku-ura, just that Kiku-ura suits my taste more, that’s all. You will probably need to ask a Japanese for authentic opinion. Also I can’t guarantee the restaurants that I recommend will not have a lapse in quality for some reasons. It is entirely possible that I go to Kiku-ura tomorrow and find out that the chef has quitted and the food has become crap or something. Please understand. ^^;;; If you have other questions, feel free to ask~

    Last time I went to Korea, I ate Bibimbap EVERYDAY simply because I didn’t know how to order other things. Next time I will know who to ask for recommendations. Thanks!

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