Paris S’éveille (パリセヴェイユ@自由が丘)

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Ciboust caramel(orange compote in the middle). Simple but good.
サントノーレキャラメル。 タルト・ポンム・カシス。
Saint Honoré Caramel. Tarte Pomme(apple) Cassis.
Both are popular items and get sold out quickly so I called up in advance to reserve. Both are very nice! It was very busy on a Sunday afternoon so we had to wait for a bit to get a table. My friends ordered the weekend-only dessert plates and they looked great. Going to try that next time.
Mango mousse cake.

060430 076.jpgGreen apple mousse tart. Chocolate tart with praline cream inside and passion fruit cream on top – wonderful!

Paris S’éveille
Add: 2-14-5 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-5731-3230

4 thoughts on “Paris S’éveille (パリセヴェイユ@自由が丘)

  1. AHH these all look so great. I often wonder if the cakes in Paris are as good as Tokyo. ^^;; It’s mind boggling to me that you reserve the cake ^^;; Oh the determination! The window shape is so mod, so cute~

  2. I heard that cakes in Paris are much sweeter than those in Tokyo…probably will feel ill gulping three cakes in one go there!

    Hey reserving cakes in advance is normal here…^^;;;;

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