New York Grill (Park Hyatt Tokyo)

Weekend brunch buffet, 6200yen. Includes a glass of sparkling wine.
Salmon mousse and other appetizer from the buffet.
More appetizers.
You get a variety of main dishes to choose from. I had the roasted Australian baby lamb, with spicy minced lamb meat. The meat was very tender and perfectly cooked but it was just simple grilled lamb that I got tired of it after finishing one slice(there were three thick slices!) I wish there were some sauce or spice to go with it.
I thought I didn’t have space for desserts…but I was wrong. Three of us clean-swept the dessert bar.
The restaurant is on the 52th floor of Park Hyatt. Too bad it was raining that day otherwise the view would be stunning.
I’m not a big fan of buffet but this place is nice! Food is good, and the atmosphere is relaxing. If you don’t order extra drinks, your bill will be less than 7000yen.
New York Grill (English review here)

13 thoughts on “New York Grill (Park Hyatt Tokyo)

  1. More appetizers(2皿目)の殆どに記憶が・・無い。

  2. ブッフェだと何を食べたかよく覚えてないよね。

  3. So the appertizer, desserts are buffet style, while there’s a set main dish. The space is so beautiful…HIGH ceiling for 52th floor (must be the unique glass floor on the top). I always feel weird to dine at hotel, though there’re some popular brunch at hotel here too.

  4. This restaurant has a library-looking section? Interesting… I really like the view, and actually think city view under cloudy sky has its own appeal too 😀

  5. Freda>
    You should definitely give those hotel brunches a try! You might just get hooked, like me!!

    The library is fake. ^^;; It is just a hallway leading to the restaurant with library decor.

  6. 同行者の上司(ホテジャン)による情報によると、あのライブラリーの本一冊一冊がデザイナーによって選びぬかれて置かれてるらしい。
    ワタクシ共がジロ見してる時、ホテルスタッフが寄ってきて「お泊りいただいている方には御自由にご覧いただいております」って言ってましたよねー 少なくともワタシにとってはフェイク以外のナニモノでもなかったけれど、あぁいうホテルに常泊されるハイソサエティな方々にとっては情報源もしくは癒しの素なんでしょうかねぇ。。
    +アンド。今日はごめんなさい! (長文にてシツレイ!)

  7. 湯さん>

    Apparently it is a real library afterall! The books are hand-picked by designers and if you are staying in the hotel you are free to borrow them.

  8. This reminds me of another buffet place in the Yokohama Landmark Tower, but it was cheaper at around 4000 yen and the food was pretty decent. This New York Grill place looks nicer though.

  9. hi. i found ur site by searching for japanese food blogs. im really interested in your blog but i wonder how u can afford to eat at these expensive places. sorry if it is a personal question. I also would like to try all the places u reccommend but I am a poor college student in japan for one yr.

  10. Do check out the category “good cheap eats” where most are under 1000yen. There are many yummy places in Tokyo that are actually not that expensive, but it takes some searching.

  11. We haven’t decided sunday lunch place on our upcoming trip. It might be a perfect place since we didn’t put any hotel food on our schedule this time except myself. Like yourself, we’re not a big fan of buffet, but it would be a good balance, I guess.
    BTW, all of us are food-lover, and we’re so impressed with your immense information + knowledge which made us wonder about you. And, you’ve been great help to fix the schedule, so we’d like to invite you. It would be our pleasure to have you on any of our dining. Let me know whether it’s okay for you by e-mail. FYI, we’re coming to Tokyo in the weekend of Oct. 5.

  12. Thanks for you invitation, Genie. Unfortunately I already have other arrangements made on that weekend. I’m glad to have been helpful to you and hope you have a nice journey. 🙂

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