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本日の前菜: サーモンのミルフィユ。
メイン: 特製ハンバーグステーキ(宮崎牛・イベリコ豚・フォアグラを使用)。
2000yen lunch course including appetizer, main dish and coffee.
Salmon mille-feuille. Layered salmon mousse and marinated salmon. It looks nice but tastes pretty normal.
The hamburger steak is made from Miyazaki beef, Iberico pork and foie gras. It is delicious!! There is enough foie gras in it to give the hamburger a rich taste.
ポロネギとズワイガニのマリネ コンソメジュレ寄せ。
Went back again for lunch to try other things.
Leek and zuwaigani(crab) in marinade with consomme jelly. Cute but tastes so-so…just like last time! My friend’s pate is much better. Maybe you should only order meat in this place.
Miyazaki beef sirloin steak. Gosh it is so nice! Super juicy with the perfect amount of fat. But the portion is tiny~~. Close up here.
Special ahill curry rice is nothing special, while the Jasmine tea pudding is very good.

Basic lunch is 2000yen, but I ordered the beef(+1200yen), curry rice(+800yen) and dessert(+500yen), came up to 4500yen excluding drinks.

Menu(J) here.
Add: 8F Ginza Velvia-kan, 2-4-6 Ginza
Tel: 03-3562-8080

3 thoughts on “ahill ginza

  1. Foie gras hamburg steak!! ^^;;; Such a luxurious hamburg steak (better if it were truffle demi glaze sauce ^^;;). Hamburg steak, curry rice…hmm…yoshoku..?

    Yeah always go for the meat for French cusine. One thing I concern when I’m in Paris: probably won’t get to consume much veggie ^^;;

  2. hi. i was searching for some restaurant details and randomly found your blog. i must say i am very impressed with all the nice restaurants you’ve been to. im heading to japan next week and your blog has given me many inspirations to japan fine dining. Have you tried Tapas Molecular Bar at the Mandarin Oriental 38/f? it looks like a very interesting place for some cutting-edge modern cuisine.

  3. Freda>
    Supposed to be French…a bit teppanyaki-like if you sit at the counter and see them cook the meat on the hot plate. Also a bit yoshoku as they have beef stew and curry rice on the menu. Oh they gave us chopsticks to eat with. ^^;;

    Thanks! I have seen a TV program introducing Tapas Molecular Bar…the cooking style is like a chemistry experiment! I have never tried so can’t really say. Though regardless of the taste, I am sure it will be a fun experience!

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