Maison du Châtaigne (メゾン・デュ・シャテーニュ)

ホタテ貝とラタトゥイユのカソレット。 仔羊ジゴのロースト。
Scallop and ratatouille cassolette. Roasted baby lamb shoulder meat.

Ratatouille and rillette. Pork cheek confit. Gateau chocolate.

ラタトゥイユ。 豚カタロース肉のロティ ローズマリー風味。
Ratatouille. Pork loin roti with rosemary.
生ハムと高原トマト、インゲンのサラダ。 牛バヴェット(ハラミ)のソテー 黒ビールのソース。
Prosciutto, tomato and kidney bean salad. Beef bavette saute in black beer sauce.

From four lunch visits. 1600yen lunch includes appetizer, main, bread and coffee.

First time I went, the scallop and the lamb were so wonderful that I went back again taking a friend for a weekend lunch. However the second time was disappointing – the pork confit was no good and the chocolate cake was simply bad. Wanting to know if the second visit was just bad luck, I went back the third time, and had the pork loin roti which was very good!! Why?! Why?! Not giving up and went back the fourth time: the beef bavette was hard and impossible to chew…so the quality fluctuates!! The scallop appetizer was delicious and other appetizers were pretty basic salad/ratatouille that don’t go wrong so they are alright. The grilled vegetables on the side of the main dish are always nice too.

This restaurant is always completely empty at lunch time….basically it is just the chef, the waiter who is a little too attentive cos he has nothing else to do, and us/me. I was so glad to see other customer one time – the girl eating by herself – that I took a picture of her. ^^;;;; The bland interior, the claustrophobic underground space with no windows, and the complete silence make the atmosphere very depressing. ^^;;; Maybe it is more lively at night? Afterall the location is pretty local and not many offices nearby.

Lunch menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.
Maison du Châtaigne
Add: B1, 2-14-10 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku.
Tel: 03-3827-2503

4 thoughts on “Maison du Châtaigne (メゾン・デュ・シャテーニュ)

  1. Haha you didn’t give up. Seems like other than lamb, the chef isn’t consistent with other kind of red meat. While seems like he’s consistent with white meat, so fish/seafood are safer bets? I know how that feels, a place where it’s not so popular, yet somehow you feel endear to it and repeatly go back even though it’s not ‘hits’ all the time.

    btw Did you see Ratatouille?

  2. They have fish choice for the main dish too but there is an additional charge for that. Yeah exactly, even though this place is always so empty and the atmosphere is really depressing and the quality is inconsistent, I still feel like giving it a bit of support by going a back a few times.

    No I haven’t seen Ratatouille! Waiting for the DVD! Was it good?

  3. I didn’t see Ratatouille either, but Joan saw it and said it’s very cute and yummy (and inspired us wanting to get copper cookware but then we check out the price…err…) ^^;;

  4. There must be cheaper ones?? Maybe you went to those designer kitchenware shop?? ^^;;;

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