A day trip to Karuizawa! One-way ticket is about 5000yen but a friend got us a cheap 6000yen two-way ticket so there we go. It is only about 1hr from Tokyo station so a day trip is totally possible. My friend brought champagne and olives so we started having a party inside the Shinkansen. She even brought ice to keep the champagne chilled, also wine glasses, which apparently were cheapy ones bought in 100yen shop so we just dropped them into the rubbish bin when we arrived at the Karuizawa station! XD!
Hermitage de Tamula (エルミタージュ・ドゥ・タムラ)
Apparently this is THE place to go for a nice lunch in Karuizawa.
Salmon marinade with rice. There is ikura(salmon roe) and a quail egg underneath.
そばパン。 海の幸と野菜の一皿。
Soba bread. Olive paste is really good.
Seafood and vegetables dish – so pretty! Sauce is beets, tomato and Rucola.
Mushroom pie, with fried Anko(Monk fish).
Kinmedai(Alfonsino) in Shungiku(Chrysantemum leaves) sauce.
Quail with cabbage. Under the quail leg is polenta.
My friends’ desserts. The apple soup is the chef’s specialty apparently.
I had the safe coffee Mont blanc. Petit fours.

Right pic is the madam sending off my friends. Lunch is 8400yen. Glass wine is 2100yen so it is better to share bottle wine which we did. Tax is included, service charge is 10%. I like the food alright. With a lovely environment like this, even cup noodles will taste fantastic. XD!! We sat inside in the main dining area but the tables next to the window have a better view of the greens outside. Oh by an amazing coincidence…I bumped into a friend on the way to the toilet!! XD!!
We didn’t actually plan it but somehow we went at the perfect timing – red leaves! It was sunny so we took a long walk after lunch.
Resort houses.
Beautiful pond called Kumobaike(雲場池) which is about half an hour walk from our lunch place.
Red leaves red leaves everywhere.
It was more than half an hour walk from the pond to “Old Karuizawa”. It turned dark very quickly and got quite cold…but I couldn’t resist getting the famous “soft cream” while walking around “Karuizawa Ginza” shopping area. Also bought pudding and cheesecake from Paomu as souvenir.
Kawakamian (川上庵)
Before we took the train back to Tokyo, we went to a popular soba shop, which looks more like a trendy dining restaurant than a soba place! Luckily we booked in advance cos the queue was really long.
牡蠣天ぷら。 鴨南蛮そば(大)。
Oyster tempura and duck nanban soba(large size).

5 thoughts on “KARUIZAWA (軽井沢)

  1. もみじが超きれい!
    i can’t believe that you have champagne on train!!! with wine glass!!
    i can imagine how the other passengers’ faces looked like!

  2. you know what, suddenly my mouth is full of the taste of the 果皮 that we ate that night! i feel so hungry now, and the 果皮 gets to be more deliciously to me in my memory righ now.

  3. wow!! The red leaves are beautiful!
    The lunch looks AMAZING! The veggie/seafood plate is so designy. How’s “soba bread”? taste like soba?
    but yeah with a beuatiful setting like that, I’ll enjoy crappy sandwich just fine too haha.

    I think drinking and eating on Train is a very romantic idea hehe…

  4. Champagne party on a Shinkansen, that’s a fab way to enjoy the train journey. Beautiful sceneries too.

  5. Adee>
    An hour of train ride feels so quick when you have a glass of champagne! 🙂

    Yes we were quite a sight in the shinkansen…but when you are drunk you don’t care. XD
    果皮 meaning the one we had in Kin’s kitchen? Oh I really like the veggy dishes we had that night. You should drag Yee to go for the meat too. btw, lucky that I wrote most of our meals when I was in HK or I will never have time to write them. Update now~

    Soba bread is slightly rough in texture but I like the healthy taste. It would have been nice if the we had the 4 seats facing a table, then we could truly party.

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