Tapas Molecular Bar

The much-hyped “chemistry experiment” dinner course at Tapas Molecular Bar!
食前酒。 カブラレスとさきいか。
Opening Aperitif: Yakult and beer. Cabrales Cuttlefish.
Olive cloud. Crispy beets.
Chef cooking the scallop, which is served with pumpkin sorbet.
赤。 トミくん。
Red: Tomato and beets. Tommy Thai: prawn in Thai style.
Chef making the “spaghetti” that is more like kanten. Strawberry and Pesto Spaghetti.
手長海老、アーモンド、きのこ。 ジュージュー肉。
Scampi, Almond, Grapefruit.
Warm Sizzling Beef. The beef popped out from a steel foam dispenser…
Carrot Caviar. Made using the syringes! XD
Tomato and water melon. Served steaming(pic here).
Secreta de Cerdo: Smoked Iberico pork. The cup is used to trap the smoke. Smells wonderful.
Unagi, Pineapple, Miso.
Cold and foamy corn soup on top of foie gras hot soup.
Ice of something I forgot. Juicy Lamb.
Sweet liqueur inside the straw. At first we didn’t know and were waiting for the “drink” to come…but it was just one monthful of liqueur in the straw.
Miso Soup on a spoon. The white balls are tofu jelly and the green powder is wakame…really tastes like miso soup.
Blue Hawaii. The chef said you should finish it in 20 seconds. I panicked taking pictures! The chef scared us that because it is so cold, it could freeze our tongues if we were not careful…but he didn’t say how to be careful.
Blueberries and Laurel: Blueberry sponge cake.
Desserts for one.
サフランとチョコレートのカプセル。 カプチーノのわたあめ。
Close up of the Saffron Chocolate Tarte, and Cappuccino cotton candy.
Fruit Course. After eating the miracle fruit(red thing in the right pic) and keeping it in your mouth for a while, the sour fruits like lemon and lime tasted so sweet with all the sourness gone. It is amazing!

What a fun experience. The food was actually very delicious which I didn’t expect at all. Plus all the performances and surprises that keep you in high tension for more than 2 hours, I think it is worth a visit. They have a chef who can explain everything in English so foreigners can enjoy it just as much.

Wine menu here and here.
Food menu here.
Dinner course alone is 12000yen per person.
Tapas Molecular Bar

10 thoughts on “Tapas Molecular Bar

  1. WOW~ あめいじんぐ!!
    今わかりました。 これはオモシロイ!!

  2. ははは~面白いでしょ?

  3. Oh my god you went to try those molecular gastronomy! The closest exp. I had was at NY here, but then since I didn’t do the tasting menu, only had regular entree so there weren’t much ‘weird science’ innovation. I saw these kind of cooking on tv and kitchen really setup like a chemistry lab ^^;;.

    The photos looks amazing! The blue ice looks like ice from the future (more funny if it were named ice-nine ^^;;). The glass globe looking Saffron Chocolate Tarte is too pretty to eat! Is this in the michelin guide? ^^;;

    Is the bottom of the crispy beets..edible or just a stand?

  4. so cute & interesting.
    did the food fill you up?
    how long before did u have to make the reservation?

  5. Happy>
    No I was not full by the end. ^^;;; But then it is supposed to be a bar, and there are wine/champagne courses that go with the meal, which consist of 4 drinks so I think if you order that as well you will be full. There is no way I can drink 4 glasses of wine in 2 hours so I just ordered a glass of wine separately.

    Haha, the tasting menu in NY costs $107 too so I guess this place is not ridiculously priced…I really just went there out of curiosity! Oh no it is not in the M guide. I mean it is just a bar and not a proper restaurant. The plastic thing under the crispy beets is not edible! It looks like some toys I used to play with when I was a kid. ^^;;

  6. The food definitely are gastronomic restaurant level, way above bar or even wine bar/tapas food.

    I was checking out Las Vegas fine-dining (going there around x’mas) and thought of trying Guy Savoy, a regular 10 course menu is $290 and the xmas/new year’s eve special would be $800. So haha 12000 yen is not bad ^^;; Joel Rabuchon’s place at Las Vegas are similar price ranged. Insane!

  7. Happy>
    Oh I am sorry I forgot to answer that! We booked about a month in advance. But that is simply because we always plan our dinners way ahead. The 6pm timeslot on weekdays shouldn’t be too difficult to book. But if you want to cancel or change your booking, you must do so 2 days before your reserved day, otherwise there will be a cancel fee of 100%. In fact they called me two days before to reconfirm.

    $800!!!!! -o-;;;;; Are you seriously going to try the $290?! I don’t think I have ever paid for a meal that expensive!

  8. Wowwow, everything looks so fun and cute! Esp. like the Blue Hawaii thing- but wonder what it was made of it sounds dangerous @_@;; The whole setup does look interesting, price-wise not totally ridiculous either :-D!

  9. RP>
    Yeah apparently the Christmas special in this place is about US$200 – “cheap” compared to the $800 dinners Freda mentioned. ^^;;

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