Il Sale (イルサーレ)



1300yen lunch course includes appetizer, garlic bread, pasta, dessert and coffee. For the pasta, there are usually 4 choices: 1 garlic and olive oil sauce, 2 tomato sauce and 1 cream sauce. I had the minced seafood spaghetti in garlic and olive oil. It is very nice! The spaghetti is perfectly cooked with the right al dente. Dessert is tea mousse which is good too.

Back for the 1000yen pasta lunch, which includes a simple salad instead of an appetizer. I had the Tri-colour bell pepper spaghetti in tomato sauce. Dessert is espresso mousse. Both are good.

Very popular local Italian restaurant serving cheap and high quality lunches. The atmosphere is lively and the staff are very efficient(albeit a little bit too attentive perhaps).

btw, Yanesen(Yanaka + Nezu + Sendagi) is a pretty cool area for a walk.

Menu(J): 1, 2.
Il Sale (Near Sendagi station)
Add: 3-36-11 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku.
Tel: 03-3821-8810

2 thoughts on “Il Sale (イルサーレ)

  1. I am surprised with the reasonable price and quality food, the place is not even more packed! And that travel/other life experiences blog you linked is good, I like the sort of relaxed, charming style it has 🙂

  2. There are so many cheap and good places to eat in Tokyo, especially during lunch time, that I don’t understand why people will go to fastfood or chain restaurants, where young part-timers, who don’t really care, are making the food by following some standard cooking manual.

    Yanesen area doesn’t have that many touristy spots like famous shrines etc., but the old houses and local shops are really charming – you discover something new each time you walk past.

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