L’Embellir (ランベリー)

From 4410yen lunch course.
Langoustines in fried potato roll, oriental sauce(herb).
Ravioli of chestnut and apple, in autumn mushroom sauce.

Cocotte grilled quail stuffed with minced kurobuta(pork) and foie gras, Madere sauce. (+1050yen)
Chocolate mousse with honey ice-cream, chocolate and Rosemary ganache with vanilla ice-cream.

Been here before(see tag). I love the food much more this time cos my choices were all-hit-no-miss to my taste! You are supposed to choose 1 cold appetizer, 1 hot appetizer and 1 main dish, but instead I ordered 2 hot appetizers and 1 main(with no additional charge!) so I got to try the specialty Langoustines, and the ravioli which has my favourite food Japanese chestnut in it. Both are absolutely fantastic. The main dish and the dessert are both satisfying as well. The value for lunch is really not bad. Though glass wine is about 1575yen so it might be better to order bottles.

We went to this restaurant for lunch a few days after it got 1 Michelin star(though we booked way ahead) and saw all these flower bouquets in the front door. Some are from restaurants which also got Michelin stars.
Add: 4-17-33 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-3423-0131

2 thoughts on “L’Embellir (ランベリー)

  1. The mushroom mousse looks so tempting! *q* It’s too cold to have cold plate now.

    That’s so odd to see flower bonquet about the michelin, seems a bit smug ^^;;

  2. One of the bouquets was from this 3-star Japanese restaurant that I had been before and thought the food was nothing special….I wonder if the chefs know each other, or the 3-star restaurant actually sent flowers to ALL the star restaurants. ^^;;;

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