Pâtissier Shima (パティシェ・シマ@麹町)



0711050026Creme Shima is very good! Though the fig tart has only a very thin layer of fig on top and it is mostly cream – a bit too sweet for me. Marron tart is bascially a thick slice of marron paste.

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Creme d’Ange: the outside is made from fromage blanc, merengue and fresh cream. Inside is sponge cake soaked with raspberry sauce. Soft and fluffy but at the same time rich with cheese. Very nice! There is a small cafe space next to the cake shop where you can eat in.

Pâtissier Shima
Add: 3-12-4 Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku (near Koujimachi or Hanzoumon station)
Tel: 03-3239-1031

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  1. Yeah I always get a bit disappointed by ‘lazy’ dessert, even if they taste good. The big chunk of mousse/cream get a bit boring after couple bites. (that’s why sometimes I don’t mind smaller size in dessert).

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