NAKANO SHOKUDO Aux provencaux (オー・プロヴァンソー)


Foie gras terrine with fig simmered in red wine.
Duck confit. Desserts from the wagon.

Tried this French restaurant that opened last year after hearing quite positive reviews from friends. The food didn’t disappoint! Lunch course I had was 3000yen; there is also a 2500yen lunch course which serves the daily soup instead of appetizer. There are a few choices for the appetizers, but for the main dish, you can either choose fish or meat. Limited choice is fine for cheaper weekday lunch, but I went on a weekend and I did wish they had more options for the main. There is no service charge and tax is included in the price so the value is not bad. Glass wine is 840yen. The foie gras terrine is one of the best I’ve had recently and it is even better than more expensive places. The main and the dessert are both very decent. Definitely will go back for dinner!

Lunch menu(J) here.

Aux provencaux
Add: 1-3-9 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku
(near Koujimachi or Hanzoumon subway station)
Tel: 03-3239-0818

4 thoughts on “NAKANO SHOKUDO Aux provencaux (オー・プロヴァンソー)

  1. I can’t believe there’re still French restaurant left in Tokyo for you to try~ moreover one that can still manage to leave a good impression on you compare to so many good ones you’ve had already. I’ll pay for that 500 yen more for the foie gras of course…

  2. What? You must be kidding. There are still so many French restaurants I haven’t tried in Tokyo! ^^;;; I am tired of the standard stuff like duck leg confit, beef simmered in red wine etc., so even very good ones don’t impress me so much, but French(true for other cuisines like Italian, Japanese too) always offers new menu that you have never tried before. It’s a shame that I haven’t been visiting French restaurants as often recently(busy!) and I totally missed the gibier(game meat) season!

  3. There’re roughly 200 entries of the French category on your blog, combine that to the ones before you started blogging…that’s already A LOT A LOT of French restaurants in Tokyo alone. ^^;; And majority of them are bistro and up…not those cafe level eatery, then I’m sure there’re many crap ones you screen out already. That’s already a scary amount of French restaurant for one city alone right? It must be so competitive~

  4. I did a search…the number of restaurants tagged under “French” is over 1200!! ^^;;;; I am not even half way there wah wah wah. But the really good ones are still difficult to book. I was going to go for dinner in this really good bistro that I have been before, and I just heard from my friend that it is fully booked until the end of March!!

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