Édition Koji Shimomura (エディション・コウジ シモムラ)


From 6300yen lunch.
Boudin Noir(pork blood sausage) petit hamburger.
Foie gras terrine and fruits.
Shungiku and squid ink sauce.
Roasted lamb chop.
A little performance of mixing lemon vinegar with herb and changing the colour from purple to pink.
Chocolate Ganche. Cocoa mixed mineral water.
Birthday cake pre-ordered for a friend. It is white chocolate mousse with raspberry. Fresh herb tea. Petit fours. Soybean and endive root pudding. Pastry crisp with pumpkin seed and pumpkin paste.

See tag for my first visit to this place. The friend who arranged this lunch party is a big fan of this restaurant, so he always picks this place whenever we gather for someone’s birthday. I like the birthday cake and the main dish more this time, but the appetizers are not as good as last time.
Édition Koji Shimomura
Add: 3-1-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5549-4562

5 thoughts on “Édition Koji Shimomura (エディション・コウジ シモムラ)

  1. Wow! Every dish/entree looks delicious especially the roasted lamb chop and the white chocolate mousse cake! ^_^

  2. The white chocolate mousse birthday cake is definitely nicer than the dessert that came with the course. ^^;;

  3. Happy Birthday seat!!! It’s that time where it’s all of our bday~~ (strange thing, most of my friends are either Pieces/Aries or Leo~~)

    *O* The chemistry beakers! The performance is a beautiful wondrous touch! (does it taste chemical too? ^^;;)

    The rib (?) in the black pot, how did you eat that? ^^;; Or is that the lamb chop?

    Seems like a minimal not-over-the-top gastronomic place (last time were more ‘spectacle’ with the oyster/jelly). The pumpkin mousse is so adorable ^_^

  4. wow at the color changing lemon vinegar with herb! How’s it taste like?

    The lamp chop looks great.

    Is this for your bday also? i forgot the exact date of your bday but I know you’re a Pisces. Happy brithday!

  5. Thanks! Thanks! But it is 7th. ^^;;; Yeah I remember we all have birthdays in March(RP too!). Nothing planned on that day but will go somewhere on the weekends.

    The vinegar with herb just tasted vinegar with herb…sorry for poor description skills. ^^;; It is slightly sweet…not particularly tasty. ^^;;; Well it was a performance for the sake of the performance. We did all go wowowow. ^^;;; Oh it is the lamb for everybody in the black pot. They just bring it to show us before cutting it and dividing for us.

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