au chapon fin (シャポン・ファン)


Salad. My friend’s main: Beef Stroganoff with rice.
My main: Oven-grilled Katsuo(Bonito).
Cheese cake with orange sorbet.

Lunch is 1300yen including homemade bread and coffee. The environment is so lovely! Can’t stop snapping pictures of the interior. Food is good – very light and healthy.

au chapon fin
Add: 1-7 Hachiyamacho, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-5489-0517

2 thoughts on “au chapon fin (シャポン・ファン)

  1. This place looks lovely~ Good value too. The high ceiling makes a difference (from outside it seems like 2 stories but inside it’s all 1 floor). i almost think the vines seems redundant, the wood foundation are charming enough.

  2. It is cheap but the portion is small. Well the environment makes up for it. I went with a friend who is attending classes in an acupuncture school nearby and we bumped into her teacher here. ^^;;;

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