6 thoughts on “鹿乃子 (Kanoko)

  1. sorry for asking… abt ur earlier post… does sushi saito require a booking to get in??

  2. There are only very few counter(about 8?) seats in Sushi Saito so it is best that you book in advance.

  3. 1480 for a anmitsu is really a bit much… you paid for the location ^^;;

  4. The location is one reason, but also the portion is really big, and huge marrons are expensive. That’s why I only come here very occasionally…last time I came was 2006. ^^;;;

  5. 豆まめマメ~なあんみつでしたね。

  6. ソフトクリームがあったらもっと完璧だけどね。

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