Bagels & Bagels

The bagels are not that like fantastic but the sandwiches are okay as a cheap quick snack.
Balsamic tofu-hamburger sandwich. Duck bagel sandwich.
Pancetta and egg. Smoked salmon and cream cheese.
Strawberry white chocolate bagel with strawberry and banna cream cheese. Grilled chicken bagel sandwich.
Coconut and mango bagel with wildberry cream cheese. Tandoori Chicken.
060214 004.jpg060214 011.jpg
Broiled tuna soya sauce curry. Bagel French Toast.
Bagels & Bagels

2 thoughts on “Bagels & Bagels

  1. Do you know that, one bagel = 5 toast! *___* Not to mention the cream you’ll put on it…Even since I saw that on “supersize me” I stop eating bagel on Friday (which IF has on ever Friday morning).

  2. Really that high calorie???? I had two for dinner last night…^^;;; Lucky that I am not a huge fan of bagels~~~~

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