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山本屋総本家 (Yamamotoya Souhonke)
There are many branches(even one in Tokyo which I went before!), and this one is the original shop.
Nagoya’s famous miso nikomi udon. I had the one with both chicken and egg(oyako). The handmade udon is thick and hard-texture type. Served with boiling hot miso soup.
スパゲティハウス ヨコイ 住吉店(Spaghetti House Yokoi)
Nagoya local specialty “Ankake spaghetti”. Thick spaghetti is stir-fried with lard(uh oh) and eaten with starchy sauce(hence “ankake”) which is some special sauce made from meat and vegetables and is slightly spicy. I ordered an omelette-like topping with prawn, green peas, onion, bell pepper and mushroom. It is not as weird as I had thought…actually it reminds me of the spaghetti served in Hong Kong styled cafe. ^^;; You can get ankake spaghetti in many shops in Nagoya, but seems like Yokoi is the most famous.
山本屋本店 (Yamamotoya Honten)
Similar name but completely different from “Yamamotoya Souhonke”. It also serves miso nikomi udon mainly and has many branches. This branch is in Horiuchi building(堀内ビル) near Nagoya station. The very nice pickled vegetables are refillable.
Miso nikomi udon with pork. Comes with rice. 2310yen. I like the miso udon here better. The noodles are softer but more chewy. The soup is less thick and less salty. The pork is not the most high quality kind but good enough, and very generous in portion. There is no Tokyo branch for this restaurant chain so you can only eat it in Nagoya.

0802270003Mon chouchou
A loooooong queue waiting outside this cake shop when I walked past so I got curious. I later found out that the shop is actually from Osaka, and they have Tokyo branch too. ^^;;; Seems like most people queued for the take-out “Doujima roll cake” but you can eat inside the cafe without any waiting. In that case it is more expensive of course and you need to order a drink too. The rollcake is delicious!! Unbelievably soft and smooth, and the cream is so good that I can eat a bowl of it on its own. I thought I was too greedy and ordered too much(it was after dinner) but later I wished I had order more.

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  1. The previous entry’s comment is closed for some reason? ^^;;
    You were at Nagoya? Yeah the ankake spaghetti sounds like stir fried noodle found in HK style cafe where they put spam in.

    I find it hard to believe that roll cake can be that good haha~ You should bought a roll back (you probably did already).

  2. Yeah, spam and sausage and ham and those cheap mixed veggy(green peas, corn and carrot)…

    The first time I walked past this shop the queue was just too long, the second time the queue was shorter but I had to take a train back to Tokyo that night and was carrying a lot luggages…so I just ate inside. Well, I can buy it in Tokyo anyway. ^^;;;

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