Savoy (サヴォイ 麻布十番店)

A small pizza place with only 12 counter seats and a small table for 2.
Olive(525yen). Octopus and potato salad(840yen).
蜂の巣のトマト煮込み。ロール白菜のサルッシッチャ 鶏のブイヨン仕立て。
Trippa simmered with tomato(1050yen). Cabbage Salsiccia in chicken bouillon(945yen).

0802060069マルゲリータ(モッツァレッラ・バジリコ)。 マリナーラ(ニンニク・オレガノ)。
Margherita(Mozzarella and basil). Marinara(Garlic and oregano). Both are 1575yen.

There are only two kinds of pizza available even at dinner time, but the lack of optons doesn’t matter because the pizzas are just amazingly good. I am happy to just eat the wonderfully soft crust on its own. My friends prefer Margherita so we ordered a second of that but I love Marinara just as much.

On the other hand, from the prices of the appetizers, I just couldn’t believe how small the portions turned out to be. Even though they tasted good but they are still totally overpriced. The pizzas are reasonable in price though.

The espresso(with sugar already added) was recommended by the staff who said that it is “creamy”(without cream or milk added) and people who normally don’t like coffee will like it – it is probably good espresso but it is so disgustingly sweet that I gave up after one sip. They don’t have caffe latte or cappuccino, otherwise I would have asked for a cup of hot milk to dilute the “espresso syrup”.

3 of us shared all the food(we ordered 3 pizzas) plus drinks(about 2 glasses each), the bill was 4000yen per person. I will go back for the delicious pizzas but I will remember not to order too many appetizers. They do pizza lunch too so that is probably a good deal.
Menu: 1, 2.

Add: 3-10-1 Moto Azubu, Minato-ku

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  2. 違うところに書き込んでしまってましたか・・ シツレイ

    噂のエッグベネディクトも食べたいです~! 秋以降に・・

  3. 5xx yen for those few olives…ouch…^^;;; (and that cabbage for ten bucks…). Maybe just stick to the pizza in a Pizzaria.

  4. But when you go there for dinner with friends, you do want to spend some time chatting while drinking and eating some appetizers before you go for the pizza and get completely stuffed~

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