S club

A members-only restaurant for employees of S coporation. The price is almost half of what you usually pay for the quality. Right pic is scallop flan with sea urchin. Yum!
Fish is mebaru in katsuobushi sauce.
Little soft octopus.

You can eat the beef and asparagus with any combinations of chopped onion, ponzu, soy sauce, wasabi, and three different kinds of salt. As it turns out, salt+wasabi is the best.
Left pic is leaner fillet, right pic is more fatty loin meat. The garlic is some special species grown by S corporation apparently – it is much larger than usual garlic. The beef is served one piece by one piece.
The leftover meat is used to make fried rice.
Cheese cake and earl grey ice-cream.

Everything is so delicious! Very satisfied. Especially I only paid 5000yen for the whole course, and 350yen for a glass of wine! XD!

11 thoughts on “S club

  1. Hello there, my name is Liz, working in a Japanese company’s backoffice in Macau, am a fan of your blog! I always find the food & resturants you introduced are fantastic – even they are in pictures and i bet the real things must tasted better! I sometimes go to Japan for business but havent had much luck yet for deliciousness, am planning to follow your blog and try some of them! Anyway, many thanks for your sharings, they are GREAT!

  2. 財閥の力を思い知らされますね~

  3. やぱり心配なんで、名前伏せた!

  4. シェフがU亭出身で同じレベルの素材を使ってると言ってましたよ~

  5. やっぱり行けてラッキーだったね。

  6. Liz>
    Thank you for your comment. Sometimes food in pictures looks better than it actually tastes too. ^^;; But food in Tokyo is really amazing! Hope my blog is useful to you!

  7. OH my what is this “S Corporation”!? (any hint?) Such a high-end “employee’s caferteria”!!! Scallop Flan with Sea Urchin sounds like the most delicious thing ever!

    I would never have guess salt + wasabi go well with beef steak~~ Can you get their specially breed garlic in regular market?

  8. yep yep i demand hint as well ^^ if this doesnt bother you too much lol…

    just out of pure curiousity *giggling*

  9. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now 😀
    ummm…why did u delete the company name and change it to S? I wouldn’t say the name if you dont want to tell us though…

  10. I deleted the name because the person who invited me there said that since it is a private club for employees only, it might be wise to keep the name in secret…but the hint is in “permalink”. ^^;; Also I added more smudge to other customers’s faces too…

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