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0803070028(Jun 02, 2008)
Absolutely amazing bagels! Apparently it is so popular among bagel fans that on weekends, a queue will start to form before the shop opens at 11am and the bagels often get sold out early in the afternoon. I tried my luck on a weekday when I happened to be in the neighbourhood. I only managed to get there by 1:30pm but there were 9 different kinds of bagels available and no one was waiting. Though when I left, people started to queue….I think I was just lucky. Each person can only buy up to 10 bagels. Price of the bagels ranges from 180yen to 250yen each. A bit expensive for just bagels but they are very big and very solid. You can order bagel sandwiches too – 600yen for two choices of filling. I had potato salad filling for half of the bagel, and pumpkin salad for the other half. The shop is so tiny and has no cafe space so I had to take-out the sandwich and ate somewhere else. Very delicious sandwich but the bagel was not toasted. Later I toasted the rest of the bagels at home and they were much much nicer.

0912020009(Dec 02, 2009)
My first visit after the shop had moved to Shirogane. The bagels are just as great and now the shop is much bigger and they seem to have made more bagels. There was no queues on a weekday lunch time!

Maruichi Bagel (マルイチベーグル)

3 thoughts on “Maruichi Bagel@Shirogane

  1. I’ve never had un-toasted bagel. Now whenever I toast bagel, I scratch out most of the ‘dough’ of the bagel, so I can fill in more cream/fillings on top , a wasteful and desperate attempt to cut down the calories…^^;;

  2. Huh?? ^^;;;;;; Why not cut it into half and just use half at a time to make an open sandwich? I do that all the time.

  3. Haha, see…I cut it into half first, then scratch out the inside of each half (like digging the ground), then i toasted them, and spread fillings on them (smoke salmon cream cheese is my favorite). That way I eat less carb and more fillings. ^^;;

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