Nagoya 2

あつた蓬莱軒 本店 (Atsuta Horai-ken Honten)
Umaki – Unagi Tamagoyaki. Came steaming hot. Light dashi taste with a hint of sweetness – good!
Hitsumabushi – basically unagi(eel) on rice. Found a good English review here. The instruction says to divide the bowl into four portions, have the first bowl on its own, add yakumi(spring onion, wasabi and seaweed) to the second bowl, add yakumi and dashi to the third, and for the last bowl have it the way you like it.
I like the second bowl the most – mixing the yakumi and eel and rice. Very delicious!
Part of the menu(J): 1, 2, 3.



0806050081みそかつ矢場とん 本店(Miso-Katsu Yabaton Honten)
黒豚ロースとんかつ、¥1680。 豚汁。
Kurobuta pork(menu) loin tonkatsu with miso. Tonjiru. I tried the standard Miso-katsu some years ago which comes in a hotplate with miso sauce already added on top of the Katsu. This time I have some special menu using kurobuta pork from Kagoshima, and the miso sauce comes separately. The pork is really quite nice and the coating, not being soaked in sauces, is very crispy. But then I guess it is not as unique as the signature dish.

Mon chouchou
Left pic: Went back to the same place for the delicious rollcake! (See Nagoya 1)
(Oct 03, 2008) Right pic: Marron rollcake bought in Mon Chouchou’s branch in Tokyo.
0812180037(Dec 18, 2008) Caramel and walnut rollcake bought in Mon Chouchou’s branch in Tokyo.

山本屋本店 エスカ店 (Yamamotoya Honten Esca-ten)
Honzuwaigani(crab) and Nagoya kouchin(Nagoya breed chicken) Miso-nikomi Udon. Different branch from the one I tried last time but it is also near Nagoya train station. The crab is a bad choice but the chicken is nice.

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  1. Wow even small tables (with one person sitting) are the traditional sitting. The unagi eating 4 ways is so…flexible.

  2. cara>
    Not unagi-don but hitsumabushi…different らしい!

    Oh that girl was not alone but with her boyfriend who was facing me so I waited til he went to toilet before I took picture. ^^;;

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