Fussa (福生)

A day trip to a place called Fussa where the Yokota Air Base is located – hence slightly Americanized. Somehow we didn’t see any foreigners on the day we went.

La Fougasse (ラ・フーガス)
First we went to this famous bakery, used to be in Tokyo but have moved here, and bought loads of bread before heading for lunch.

DEMODE DINER (デモデダイナー)
Well there is nothing more American than hambugers.
Onion rings and French fries with cheese.
My “Deluxe burger”. Steak sandwich.

福生バーガーClub sandwich is actually fried chicken sandwich! A basic burger.
Scary “tower burger” is availbale on the menu too…

Cafe du Jardin (カフェ・ドゥ・ジャルダン)
After hanging around the main street and checking out some antique shops, we were ready for cakes.
Strawberry Mont Blanc.
Blue berry cheese cake. Best of all the cakes. The cookie base has walnut in it and is super delicious. Strawberry rollcake.
Ciboust. Caramel something. Chou cream.
We drove to Ome and walked around the streets with a retro feel(great review here). The billboards of old Japanese movies are actually newly painted. Passed by Tama River. There were people fishing.
夏への扉 (Natsu e no Tobira)
A really cool cafe but we didn’t have time(or stomach space) to go in.
鳥福 (Torifuku)
Dinner at a restaurant specialised in chicken.
Chicken and gobo(burdock root) roll. Chicken skin senbei.
Yakitori. Fried chicken wings.
Imo-mochi(potato cake). Miso-marinated Gindara(silver cod fish).
Fried chicken thigh. Free fried fish snack.

The chicken might not be the best quality I have had but really good for the price. This dinner was so cheap that at first I thought the price on the bill was for one person(turned out it was the total for four ^^;;).
Menu(J): 1, 2, 3.

4 thoughts on “Fussa (福生)

  1. The food at the burger joint are REALLY American! XD The strawberry mont blanc is sorta both scary (on the outside) and cute looking (inside). Chicken skin senbei…how do they stick the skin onto the cracker?

  2. The deluxe burger I had was so heavy…it has all the toppings in it including tomato sauce spaghetti!! ^^;;;
    Oh there is no cracker, only fried chicken skin – senbei only describes the shape.

  3. I read similar article also named 福生) at pig out diary, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

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