Le Chocolate de H (ル ショコラ ドゥ アッシュ)


0801270124ショコラショー、¥1050。 ステファン、¥399。
Stephan: Gateau cholate cake with almond caramelise. Chocolate chaud(hot chocolate). I love them both! Very very rich and smooth chocolate taste but not too sweet. The indoor cafe space is tiny but there are some big couches outside the shop which look comfortable.

Le Chocolate de H
Add: Roppongi Hills keyakizaka dori, Roppongi 6-12-4, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5772-0075

2 thoughts on “Le Chocolate de H (ル ショコラ ドゥ アッシュ)

  1. Did you update all these entries in one day? Gosh that looked smooth and good. The teapot is so unique~

  2. Yeah 3 entries in one day~, but two of them are dessert.
    Too bad I never had chance to go back to sit outside and take pics of the nice terrace.

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