Cold Stone Creamery

Coconut ice-cream, raspberry, sponge cake and coconut.
Earl grey ice-cream, almond, sponge cake and cinnamon.
Earl grey ice-cream, strawberry, Graham Cracker Pie Crust and honey.
Caramel ice-cream, brownie, caramel sauce and almond.
Rich bitter chocolate ice-cream, cherries, brownie and whipped cream.
Berry shiner: Plaine sorbet, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry juice.
グリーン ティー パーティー:グリーンティーアイスクリーム、スポンジケーキ、ダブルホイップクリーム、抹茶パウダー。
White chocolate ice-cream, double strawberries, white chocolate chip.
Green tea ice-cream, sponge cake, double whipped cream, matcha powder.
クーリーズ マンゴアンドマンゴ、¥600。
Coolly’s Mango & Mango.
Earl Grey ice-cream, chestnut, sponge cake, whipped cream.

Earl grey ice-cream is really delicious! Too bad it is only available for a limited period.

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(02 June 2007)
ファウンダーズ フェイバリット: スイートクリームアイスクリーム、ブラウニー、ピーカンナッツ、チョコファッジ、キャラメルソース。
チョコレート デヴォーション: チョコレートアイスクリーム、ブラウニー、チョコチップ、チョコファッジ。
Founder’s Favorite(S): Sweet cream ice-cream, brownie, pecan nut, choco fudge, caramel sauce. Very nice! Love the brownie!
Chocolate Devotion(M): Chocolate ice-cream, brownie, choco chip, choco fudge. A little too sweet for me.
Somehow, S is too small, M is too big.
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アイランドライフ: チーズケーキアイスクリーム、バナナ、パイナップル、マンゴ。
Island Life(S): Cheese cake ice-cream, banana, pineapple and mango. Not much of cheese cake taste…got the ice-cream wrong?
Custom creation(S): Banana ice-cream, apple pie filling, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, white chocolate chips. Should have been less greedy and skipped the white choc chip. ^^;;
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スイート ブロッサム: サクラアイスクリームにブルーベリー、ホワイトチョコチップ、ホイップクリーム。
Sweet Blossom(S): Sakura ice-cream, blueberry, white choco chip, whipped cream. This is spring special. Very good!
Custom creation(M): White chocolate ice-cream, strawberry, sponge cake and nougat candy. Good!
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ブラッシング マンゴ クラウド: マンゴアイスクリーム、ストロベリー、マンゴ、ホイップクリーム。

Custom creation(M): Strawberry ice-cream, brownie, raspberry and almond. Good.
Blushing Mango Cloud(M): Mango ice-cream, strawberry, mango and whipped cream. Summer special. Very good!
This branch is in Roppongi.
Menu(J) here.
Cold Stone Creamery

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  1. Coldstone! XD
    Are they all yours taken in different days? (that means you repeatedly go back!)
    The Sakura one is probably JP only. Does JP have flavors like Greentea, red bean, black sesame…etc?

  2. Yeah all from many repeated visits. All mine. ^^;; Oh they don’t have green tea, red bean or black sesame…that would be TOO Japanese! Can’t believe I am saying this, I like Coldstone the way it is…American! (btw, I love Haagendazs too but hate Baskin-Robbins.)

  3. 今なら、マンゴーアイスがあるから、早く試しあがれ!!

  4. I love your blog so so much! The picture quality is so good and I like the short but informative writing….when I go to Cold Stone I always just get the flavor plain because “mix ins” just taste like soggy cookies to me. But that’s just me!


  5. Sonja>
    Thanks for your comment. They mix the ice-cream and other ingredients with the spoons only for 3-4 times at the most so the product isn’t really that mushy.

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