Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo (レストランひらまつ広尾)


Taraba crab meat and avocado with ham-flavour jelly.
春野菜と小イカ、ルージェのサラダ仕立て オリーヴのピューレとハーブのドレッシング。
仔羊のロースト タイム風味 グリュイエールチーズとジャガイモのガレット添え。
Salade de légumes printaniers au calamar et au rouget sautés, puree d’olives aux herbes.
Carré d’agneau rôti au thym, galette de pommes de terre au Gruyère.

Warm salad of spring vegetables, squid, rouget(grilled fish, only two tiny pieces though).
The lamb was soft but the expected nice smell of roasted meat wasn’t present for some reason. Polenta with orange sauce on top was nice though.
The staff brought the cheese wagon after the main dish and since we were not full and still had some wine left so we ordered some.
オレンジのムースグラッセ ミルフィーユ仕立てチョコレートのサヴァランと共に。
“Mille-feuille” de mousse a l’orange glacée, savarin au chocolat.

Lunch was 6300yen(a cheaper 4200yen lunch was also available but the menu didn’t appeal to us) plus 15% service charge. Had a glass of wine, and cheese, came up to about 11,000yen. Food is okay….a bit bland-tasting overall, and the portion is small. Petit fours looked great but tasted disappointing. Very nice environment though, with window seats overlooking a park.

Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo (レストランひらまつ広尾)
Add: 5-15-13 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-3444-3967

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  1. The salad plate plating is probably intentional but it just looks messy, like a buffet plate. ^^;;;

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