French Restaurant pivoine (ピヴォワーヌ@門前仲町)

平政ときゅうりのテリーヌ 大葉のゼリー寄せ。
Champagne cocktail with water melon sorbet, 1000yen. This drink was heaven as we went for lunch on a really hot day(some 34C -o-;;;).
Terrine of Hiramasa Kingfish and cucumber and ouba(Perilla) jelly. Mild and refreshing.
Chilled corn potage. A bit too sweet. The small round bread is homemade apparently.

0807190041本日の魚料理 2種の調理で。プラネリのパルフェ。
Today’s fish course consisting of two kinds of fish in two ways of cooking. All 4 of us chose fish instead of meat(lamb rolled in bacon) and they didn’t have enough to serve 4 portions so I had one of my fish switched to some other kind. My friends had their 2 kinds of fish braised and pan-fried, while both of my fish were pan-fried. Dessert is Praline parfait with almond ice-cream.

The lunch course we had was 3000yen, tax included and no service charge. Value is great. Taste is very mild in general. Service is friendly.

Lunch menu here.

French Restaurant pivoine (ピヴォワーヌ)
Add: 2-2-6 Botan, Koutou-ku (Monzennakacho)
Tel: 03-5639-1817

4 thoughts on “French Restaurant pivoine (ピヴォワーヌ@門前仲町)

  1. Hey, this is great!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and was excited to see you came to Monzennakacho. I’ve lived here for 4 years and I think it’s a great place to eat.

  2. Hello Jon, I have been reading your blog too. 🙂
    It was my first time visiting Monzennakacho and I really like its “shitamachi” atmosphere. I’m sure it is a nice place to live!

  3. Hmm…copy from internet…^^;;

    Literally meaning “low town” or “downtown”, during the Edo period shitamachi described all districts lower than Edo castle, by opposition to Yamanote (山の手) or “upper town” (note the name of the JR Yamanote line which encircles the Imperial palace or former Edo castle).

    You may think of crowded streets and tall buildings when you hear the name “Tokyo”. But besides all those high-tech areas, there are also many traditional areas in Tokyo. Shitamachi, which can be translated as “Downtown” refers to the traditional shopping, entertainment and residential districts of Tokyo. In these areas you’ll find old Edo culture still alive in the capital city.

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