Sacre Coeur (奥沢 サクレクール)

From 2310yen lunch(tax included and no service charge).
Marinated sanma, tomato stuffed with maguro and avocado.
ブイヤベース。美桜鶏モモ肉と無農薬ナス トマトのパートブリック包み焼。
Bouillabaisse. Chicken thigh, aubergine, and tomato wrapped in “Pate Brick”(wrapper made of flour).

0808140001桃のゼリー 自家製アイスクリーム添え。 セロリーのシャーベット。
Peach jelly and homemade ice-cream. Celery sorbet.

Very small bistro in a quiet residential area of Okusawa. It is amazing how we spotted up to 4 French restaurants within a 10 mins walk from the restaurant to Jiyugaoka station. Food is decent in general though the portion is quite small – I thought the main dish had the size of an appetizer. But then 2310yen is very cheap….service is friendly too.
Lunch menu(J) here.

Sacre Coeur (奥沢 サクレクール)
Add: 3-12-6, Okusawa, Setagaya
Tel: 03-3726-0234