t.y. harbor brewery (ティー・ワイ・ハーバー ブルワリー)

(Aug 29, 2008)
Back to this place for lunch twice as I couldn’t think of better places to eat in Shinagawa. Grilled sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce. Not amazing but not bad for the price. Better than BBQ pork rib I had before.
Organic chocolate tart with pistachio gelato.

0808290041(Aug 18, 2008)
T.Y.Harbor burger, homemade brioche bun with fries (Plus topping +100). I had cheese and avocado topping so it was 1800yen in total. The patty was quite rare which got me a bit worried, but the hamburger delivered to the next table was just as red(I peeped) so I guess it was meant to be like that. For some reason, there was not enough salt for the patty, but the burger was still better than sirloin steak and pork rib I tried in this restaurant.

(Oct 25, 2007)
Could have sit outside in the “open terrace” overlooking the little “harbour”, but was a bit cold that day so we decided to stay inside. Ice peach tea that comes with lunch is refillable.
Chicken mulligatawny(small), 400yen. Very nice soup!
Salad and bread also come with lunch.
バーベキューリブ、T.Y. オリジナルソース、チーズ&ガーリック風味のフレンチフライ添え。
B.B.Q. back ribs(pork) with T.Y. original bourbon B.B.Q. sauce, garlic and cheese fries, 2000yen. So huge!! My friend who used to live in U.S. for many years said this is not even close to “half-size” portion there. I am sure it depends where you go, cos I’ve never seen a really scary portion during my trip to US. Anyway, the pork is a bit dry. I wanted beef steak but lunch menu has very limited options. The fries and side salad are good though.

David’ s NY cheesecake, 500yen. I was so stuffed from the pork but I wanted to try the desserts so two of us shared this. I was expecting hard type of cheese cake(my image of NY cheesecake) but this one is very soft, more like the Japanese souffle cheesecake.

The pork was a bad choice, but my friend’s sandwich lunch(1500yen) seemed better.

N.B. It is under the same management as here and here. I prefer these two restaurants but they are more expensive.

t.y. harbor brewery
Add: 2-1-3 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku
Tel: 03-5479-4555

4 thoughts on “t.y. harbor brewery (ティー・ワイ・ハーバー ブルワリー)

  1. The look of the ice tea, salad, rib and cheesecake…looks so American!! The other two places that’re under same management also looks very American. So yeah, doesn’t look that tempting to me ^^;;;

  2. It IS American! ^^;; But it is nice to have a good hamburger or simple steak once in a while.

  3. Where’s this harbor in Tokyo?

    For some reason I crave cheesecake so much these days, I’ve been looking all over for Asian cheesecake (not heavy and creamy like American one, but one that’s almost like a more moist spongecake with calpico flavor, usually can find in Japanese/Chinese/Korean market)…but I can’t find one~~ XO Now I can’t stop thinking about it!

  4. It is in Shinagawa, which is a stop on Yamanote.

    For cheesecake, I actually like it heavy – those hard, baked ones rich in cheese taste. I guess you usually crave what you can’t find easily….You should try make it!

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