DEMEL (デメル)

Demel’s cafe in Omotesando. I got really interested after reading potatomato’s post here. Of course I had to try Sachertorte, which err…turned out to be hard and dry and unbearably sweet….
アンナトルテ。 トラッフルトルテ。
Anna Torte: The Hazelnut and chocolate cream layer on top is again too sweet but the orange-flavour sponge cake is pretty nice.
Truffle Torte: This is the least sweet amongst the three we had ordered. Like my friend said, it is basically a giant truffle chocolate. ^^;; The chocolate sponge and ganache give it a soft texture which I quite like. Coffee is very nice too – very very bitter which is perfect to go with super sweet cakes.

DEMEL (デメル)
Add: 1-13-12, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-3478-1251

6 thoughts on “DEMEL (デメル)

  1. Oh they have Demel in Tokyo! Yikes was it that bad?
    I think in general I wasn’t a big fan of Sachertorte, but if it was well made I would enjoy it too. The vienna’s Demel ones was dry too.

  2. I reckon Sachertorte is meant to be like that – sweet, hard, dry and old. ^^;; I am not saying it is bad, just not used to this kind of taste.

  3. ひゃー ザッハトルテって凄まじく甘いですよね・・
    あたくし、甘すぎると しょっぱく感じる味蕾(?)ゆえ
    これはとてもしょっぱかったワ。 涙すら出てきた・・・・

  4. いや~マジ甘かった!結局4分の1しか食べられなくて、ほとんど残しちゃった~

  5. The cakes already looked like they size down and refined for Japanese taste, but still..too sweet and lack of…complexity.. huh…^^;;

  6. It is already quite big! I like the Truffle Torte though. Anna Torte is good too if you take off the top layer(the sweetest part). I really want to try “Esterhazytorte” but they don’t have it~~

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