鈴なり (Suzunari)

A fantastic Japanese restaurant that I’m so happy I decided to give it a try. The chef was trained in the famous Kaiseki restaurant “Nadaman”, but “Suzunari” is very casual and reasonably priced – the cheapest dinner course starts from 4500yen. We opted for the 6000yen course and were all very surprised by the large number of dishes served to us as well as the high quality of each dish. The value for money is truly amazing! Since there were so many courses, I think we spent more than 3 hours(close to 4 probably…) there, but we didn’t feel like we had to wait between courses cos the timing of delivery was perfect.
We printed out a coupon from “Hotpepper” and got the Shijimi clam in soy sauce for free(one per table). Ohitashi(boiled vegetables dish) starts the dinner course. All the pics show portion for one person.
Hirame sashimi. Raw oyster.
Assorted appetizer: Baigai(Japanese ivory shell), Persimmon Shiraae(tofu dressing), squid Shiokara, Ankimo etc.
Tamaji-mushi(just Chawanmushi) with fresh sea urchin and shark fin.
Assorted sashimi. Grilled duck and fish in tare sauce.
Tai Shabu. The soup is delicious enough to enjoy on its own and adding the fatty fish is…heaven!!

Matsutake mushroom rice. Almond pudding.

The restaurant is very small and gets booked up very quickly. I tried calling 1-2 days in advance and it was always fully booked – at least one week in advance is necessary to secure a table. The restaurant is near Yotsuya Sanchome – the location is central enough but there is nothing much around other than office buildings and I’ve only come here a few times in the past for dinners. The small alleys leading to the restaurant are quite hidden and accomodate many intriguing(in fact slightly scary) restaurants – we got curious and ventured into one after dinner and found out it was a bar. Before dinner, I also didn’t forget to drop by the famous Wakaba to take out some taiyaki. Not my favourite kind of taiyaki but it is not bad.

鈴なり (Suzunari)
Add: 7, Arakicho, Shinjuku-ku
Tel: 03-3350-1178

11 thoughts on “鈴なり (Suzunari)

  1. 美味しかったよね~

  2. 未開拓エリア探索ってワクワクするね!行きましょう!行きましょう!

  3. Wow looks so good, especially the Assorted appetizer platter! Everything looks so interesting. So what does this restaurant consider a “sushi place” or is there other category for it?

  4. To think that they design the food along with the plates (choose), so much thoughts and presentation went into it. The sashimi is so shockingly ‘transparent’! I think the endless sashimi, oyster, uni+ sharks fin alone already worth the price.
    What are the ‘scary’ restaurants like…^^;; sketchy crowd inside?

  5. Joan>
    Oh it is not a sushi place, I think it is under the category of Kappou(割烹) or just Washoku.

    Yeah presentation is so important for Japanese cuisine…unlike Chinese food where nobody cares about the pattern on the plate.
    “Scary” meaning, you walk along some dark and quiet alleys and you see these restaurants with only small signs which don’t tell you what kind of restaurants they are and you can’t see inside. So they are not those casual walk-in restaurants but only for people who know. ^^;;;

  6. This restaurant sounds fantastic! Any tips on how to get there from Akebonobashi station?? Small streets scare me in Tokyo. I can never find anything 🙂

  7. Just want to say THANK YOU Seat for your many excellent and informative posts. My husband and I had visited a few of your favorite restaurants and are particularly impressed by 鈴なり. The dishes are very tasty and delicate; the service is friendly yet professional. We’ll definitely revisit 鈴なり.

  8. @colleen
    From Akebonobashi station, walk on the main road that heads towards Yotsuya-3-chome station….and make a left turn somewhere in between. I’m sorry, I kinda got lost myself when I went there last time too. ^^;; Bring the map and ask for direction when you get lost….XD

    I’m glad you like Suzunari! The price and the quality of food were just too good to be true that I actually worried about its survival. Good to know that it’s still there and keeping its quality.

  9. When we were there in late Jan. the restaurant was fully booked. After 9pm there were walk-in customers, too. Hope it keeps doing well. Had we not been living so far away (15 hours flight), we would frequent this restaurant more :<

    We mentioned your blog to the owner & staff, as they were curious to know how on earth did the gaijin find out about their tucked away restaurant. 🙂

  10. @helen
    Oh my god I thought you were a resident here because tourists will usually choose more easier-to-find restaurants! XD
    Salute to your adventurous spirit!

  11. hi seat. you have a very nice website. I used yours as a reference when I visited Tokyo last May. I will be visiting again in June and I wonder if I could link up with you. If you do not mind bringing a foreigner around for some food, pls contact me at my email. Thanks!


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